Sunday morning comin’ down

Hello all :wave:

Been a weird day, these things happened;
Failed to get Glastonbury tickets
Found out my car’s battery is buggered
Went to order a new battery from Halfords
Found out somebody else got us Glastonbury tickets
Walked to Halfords in the pissing rain and just got handed a car battery not in any packaging or anything
Got on what I thought was the bus home but was actually going in the other direction (they all go the same way through town because of the one way system so it’s an easy mistake to make if you’re getting on at an unfamiliar stop) and the driver was horrible to me but I was very sweet and polite in response because I rise above that
Fitted the battery in the pouring rain which felt unsafe but needed to be done
Go dressed for photoshoot in 5 mins, didn’t have time to put on makeup or wee
Drove to our wedding venue to have the photoshoot in the grounds, but the buildings were locked up and everyone was gone home so I couldn’t have a wee
Did the photoshoot in pissing pouring rain and howlin wind, we both ended up soaked and freezing but it was fun. At one point the wind came out of nowhere and blew my skirt literally over my head
Got back in the car and drove back home through many scary flooded roads
Stopped at the services for a wee and a burger king, also picked up some Gregg’s doughnuts for the road
Got home, at the doughnuts, had a brew, watched Lost Boys
Gonna read and then sleep :sleeping:

The end

Hope u all been having a nice Sunday :blush:


Really need to do the washing up

watching My Cousin Vinny

Is there a better Sunday night film? I think not


Tired just reading that

Yeah that’s heroic resilianse right there

Just played coffee golf against someone going by the name Brettheshitmanshart


Can’t stop laughing at this

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Really good, this.

I love Brighton gigs. I’m home horizontal on the sofa already. I DID make the right decision to go out.

Great gig too - nice bit of Latin psychedelia

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Been working since middayish, utter pisstake how much pressure I’m under

Ended up being responsible for combining thousands of rows of data into Excel sheets for the website, shouldn’t remotely be anything to do with me. Can’t fucking cope.

Still don’t know if it was a date or not, but it was nice. Going for another walk together next week in any case


Guess who’s off all this week?