Sunday morning, praise the dawning

Morning all. I’ve just got back to a toasty flat after a 12-hour shift at work followed by the 3.15am showing of The Last Jedi at the BFI Imax. This is definitely a good way to start the day. Once I’ve caught up on some sleep, it’s back into London to finish my Santa duties and find somewhere to watch Bournemouth-Liverpool.
What have you got planned?

Alright Gaz. I’m gonna level with ya, I’m still up. Went out for a few drinks with the legends of DiS
I then went to a rave and am pinging my tits off bruv
It took me so long to write this

Fuck off back to Brentwood!


You are Tyres and I claim my £5.


Are you accusing me of cycling?


Never, Ruffers. Never.



I need to take a load of stuff to the dump this morning as the skip was overflowing and they couldn’t take everything.

Then I’m off to do some Christmas shopping. I’ll probably go to Bromley and also have s sneaky pint in a great pub.

Tonight some friends are coming round for a pre Christmas dinner. I’ve not seen them in ages so that’ll be good.

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how’s gizmo dude

Hey team it is pure pishing doon here today.

Got a birthday party for my daughters pal today at a play park should be a laugh. Might take my Switch along…

What? Where? It’s dry noth!

So tired again. Need to average more than 4-5 hours or I feel awful. No plans really. Gonna avoid watching Bournemouth Liverpool though for sure

Hockey practise waits for no man.

He’s doing ok. Was up at 7 to do his meds, he’s wised up to two if my tricks to take pills though.

Currently tricking him by hollowing out dreamies and wrapping pills in chicken.


So much better than holding the mouth and forcing it in, got so many scratches throwing pills around in my time.
He’s such a dude. Give him a hug from me.

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Anglos a Sunday!

Fancy another lazy day but there’s a few Xmas events happening that I might try and get to.

Still got Xmas presents to buy but have next to no money left :confused:

Yeah he gets really stressed if you try to force them down, with his dodgy heart i want to avoid that as long as possible.

If it’s an consolation re:cats warped logic, one of mine’s gone to be in the sink. Wish dishes in it.

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This sentence is a clear signal I need my bed. Laters :joy:


I’m guessing that means the following?

If not, go to bed.


Fuckin’ nobody told me there’s an Emmerdale omnibus on Sunday morningss! Thanks guys! jeez x

Morning all. Enjoying the contrast between the first few posts :slight_smile:

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