Sunday morning, praise the dawning


Got errands to run today. Mainly to head to my sister in law’s to swap christmas presents, and un-deck the dead Christmas tree and replace it with a new one.

Also working on a song for the DiSmas song challenge.

I spent an hour or so building Lego with my lad yesterday evening and it was absolutely marvelous. Plan is to get up and build some more.

Tomorrow I start worrying about my shithouse car and the financial nightmare in which it leaves me.


Man what a dude! He looks delighted :slight_smile:
I need more lego in my life!


Good morning DiS,

Fighting a strong urge to feel depressed and question my life right now, not going to leti t happen though. Coffee and videogames!

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What gaming have you lined up for today Bam? May browse Cex for n64 games later as we just set ours back up

probably just going to play hearthstone whilst grinding out levels in FFVII with a podcast on or something.

Hanging like a dog here, chaps. Think today will be a duvet day.


I saw the Christmas card you’d drawn Mike yesterday, good lord man!

Mate. For my hangover, there are no words. I’m still going :grimacing: Was the rest of the night good?

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I think some of those early posters don’t even wear beards.



You can do it bam :muscle:t2:

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Trying to drag myself out of bed for a run but it’s so cosy and warm!

Going for lunch with my ATD then going to see The Holiday at the cinema :grin:

cheers buddy :slight_smile:

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I had a fry up but failed to keep photographic evidence.

Feeling a bit dehydrated. I think Wor Lass is baking today so I’ll probably be watching The Child while simultaneously rescuing hostages in MGSV.


Going for a bit of lunch with my pals in a bit. Might be a big German sausage and a couple of beers if the market isn’t too rammed (I can hope…).
Need to get a couple of Xmas presents while I’m in Brum too.


Had a pretty promising 1st date last night

Not sure what to do today. Not really well enough to cycle and it’s going to rain soon apparently. Might force myself out but I’m worried it will just prolong #neverendingcold

Prob just play guitar, videogames and watch The Force Awakens


Well I’m definitely not moving now…


He jumped off so I was about to make my escape when the other one took his spot!

I need to pee!


Making LEGO is pretty much the best bit of Christmas.