Sunday Morning Thread

I’m slightly hungover having not intended to drink last night. How are your heads?

fine thanks.

Had a strange dream:

Was chilling out in the local park and Mark Kozelek was being like a babysitter while he had some time off from touring. He got into an argument with one of the rougher looking parents calling him a crackhead or something and it ended up with Mark getting stabbed in the head. I was watching him try and dodge the knife and thought about going up and trying to diffuse the situation but didn’t bother. Then I woke up cos I guess my brain didn’t want to deal with the fallout.

Head’s ok. Could do with a cuppa tea though. Going into town to see my mate for my “uniform” for his wedding in a fortnights time. Then over to my parent’s to help prep the food for a post christening party. Then off to said christening, where I am godfather.

Fine ta. Kids watching Boss Baby, seems pretty good! Taking them for the obligatory long Sunday walk in a bit.

Then food shopping, work prep and thinking of making a strudel…

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Waiting for our transfer to the airport to fly home from our holibobs. Feeling quite refreshed - I’m sure air travel will put paid to that. Next few weeks at work are going to be outrageously busy as well…

Wake up so early these days regardless of when I go to bed. So just lazing in bed.

Head is fine, gonna get an earl Grey.

Gonna play tennis if there’s a court free. Probably just read until then. Need to a bit of work at some point.

Urgent job on at work. So I’m off out soon on double pay. :smile:

Morning all. Today is the first time in a long time where I’ve got no plans and absolutely nothing that I need to do - feeling a bit lost. Might bake a nice cake or something for work or go for a long walk. :woman_shrugging:

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Feeling a bit rough. Only had 3 pints, so I think it’s more that I was up til 1am when I tend to be tucked up in bed by 11…

Have to go to a Christening this afternoon and I really, massively cba. Thought it was just the thing afterwards we were going to (and tactically did an Ocado order for 7.00 to avoid staying too long), but we’re supposed to be going to the church shit too.

Going for a walk to pick my car up from the station and gonna swing by McDo for a sausage McMuffin on the way back.

got no milk so need to leave the flat. this disaster could have been avoided with the barest amount of forward planning.

:milk_glass: :coffee:

have u got the horses head ready LOL


I always find a sausage McMuffin helps in these situations. Their coffee ain’t too bad either. I usually get both when I find I’m working on a weeked. (There’s a 24 hour McD’s a hundred yards from work.)

Mornin. Having eggs and coffee, not sure there’s a better breakfast. Watching marr for some reason. He just explained how he looks up messages on his phone. Spending the day recording again, prob have a chilled one tonight. Might watch scream later. Picked up some work this week that i dont really want so have mild sunday fear.

Head is not bad but bit tired after bf got up at 6:50am for golf.

We went to see Mother! last night and I’m still angry about how shit and extremely graphic/haunting it was. The most unnessary film I’ve ever seen. I’m furious.

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Please tell me you didnt do this

Should be reallllllyyyyyy hungover. Feel absolutely fine/really good. up at 6:30am playing with my son/stuffing our faces

I’m laying down some funky guitar already, this is a good sign!

Gentle awakening at about 8, just out of the bath and going to head out in half an hour or so to find the car.

Then, pickup the kids from their Mum’s, ready for a day of food, homework and early nights.

did you fuck up an egg just for this post

also i’ve just remembered i have eggs

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