Sunday morning thread

Morning comrades. I’m currently in bed. Playing mario kart. Listening to boards of Canada. My 2 month old baby asleep by my side. Happy Sunday morning.


You got it all this morning!

MrS brought me tea in bed, also listened to that Boards of Canada song on radio then got up. Weather looks rubbish today so going to play some Stardew valley and do some baking I reckon.

Started Dark last night, seems pretty good.


Another one in the just heard Boards of Canada on the radio club.

Had a rare night waking by R so I feel as if I am ruined for the day already :sleeping:

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:coffee: :open_book: :oncoming_bus: :cinema: :coffee: :shallow_pan_of_food: :oncoming_bus: :open_book: :game_die: :cake: :sleeping:

Really should be getting up to go to a turbo class instead of riding on proper roads but I can’t be arsed and my back is very achey at the moment.

Pre-bedtime cake, now that is something that I can really get on board with :+1:

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Morning all. Saw a Facebook post from my high achieving, Home Counties sister in law saying something like “parenting: getting up at 5am on a Sunday for your children’s ice skating coaching”. Felt both massively irked, and also smug that I was sat up in bed with a cup of tea while the girls listened to songs on YouTube.

Fairly quiet day today. Mrs CCB is taking the girls to a party at a children’s playbarn place this afternoon so I definitely owe her one.


I grew up in the Home Counties and never once got taken to Ice Skating coaching. Will be speaking to my mother about this.


Morning! Kids were up really early so already had 2x :coffee: and watched Star Wars. Didn’t know there was a new Boards of Canada track, looking forward to hearing that!

Just the old stuff, sorry to disappoint.

Oh well, any Boards of Canada is good :grinning:

Morning all.

OP winning the day so far.

Slightly heavy headed after a day of fun in the bars, restaurants and pool halls of Peckham.

Going to make a coffee and see where I land after that.

I really want to get into stardrew valley but ain’t found a way yet. Too many good games to play means I can struggle to commit

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Morning champs.

Get the pleasure of driving to Eltham in a bit then getting a bus(!) To Greenwich for a roast. Then driving back and going out for steak for my boss’ leaving do. Will stay up and watch the NFL afterwards. Really just want to stay in bed today though

Sorry last night was tough. Being a parent is so much hard work especially for mums. Our little one loves to feed feed feed.

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A beautiful place in the country is a perfect Sunday morning track



My hi fi amp died yesterday after a long battle with needing to be hit to make the sound come back on

Treated myself to a bit of an upgrade and got it all set up yesterday. Currently spinning Pretzel Logic with a coffee

No real plans for the day. Need to try and achieve at least some shit though.

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Love that EP, definately good Sunday morning music.

I was also listening to board of Canada. Needed my zen album. Not slept since Wednesday basically and in utter agony after getting a molar extracted. Not really listened to the album in a while, like properly listened to it. So amazing.

Not sure what we’ve got planned to do today. I could do with an extra lie down but that almost invariably makes me feel worse before feeling better.

We need groceries but doing that really eats up the day. Maybe we should get out and go somewhere for a walk.

SBP in full effect.