Sunday morning threeheed

Woke up earlier than planned. I assume it was just the boiler / hypnagogia, but I thought I heard two knocks on my bedroom door (I’m the only one in the house). I stood paranoid in the corridor for a good while, I tell ya!


Baby appears to be having a lie-in, but I’ve woken anyway due to hunger :expressionless:


Here my R wasn’t up until a very respectable 6:45. I woke up at 4:55.

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Happy Sunday mates


Cat woke me up to be fed at 6.50 and has cried nonstop for the last hour or so since. Finally worked out he wanted the bedroom blinds opening and he’s now happy watching a fox sleeping in the garden!


Got work soon :frowning: been awake for ages with massive anxiety so that’ll help.

Woke up at 7 and trying to back to sleep didn’t work. Guess I should get up.

And there’s no eggs in the house :cry:

Everything is terrible.

Morning Manches, morning DiS

Sofa tea :arrow_right::arrow_upper_right:
Sofa tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_right:
Haircut/shower :arrow_heading_down::new:
Bacon sandwich :repeat_one::repeat_one:
Coffee :arrow_upper_right::arrow_heading_up:
Football :record_button::record_button:
Beer :arrows_clockwise::arrows_clockwise:
Cinema (surprise) :cinema::ok:



Slept in until gone 7, which is a lie in for me. Like @UncleRetrospective we also had a lack of eggs, but I’ve just popped to the co op, and that situation is now resolved. There’s a rumour of pancakes, but for now it’s snakes & ladders and Furchester with the boy.


Hello Sunday threaders

Had an extremely rare lie-in until 8:30 this morning

Really shitty weather has got me in a foul mood though

My R was up 12 times last night. Think he is under the weather. But then he’s bright and breezy this morning so :man_shrugging:



Too much van rooj. Annoyed with self. No need.

Morning all!

Wor Lass defrosted some bacon for breakfast and then realised we’d used half of it before freezing. I had the bright idea of adding eggs which became difficult when we only had egg.

Still, bacon and egg bagels.

We’re going to Glasglow tonight and we need to go to the shops before then to allow us to eat food.


Had a good wander round a rainy Worthing yesterday. Have a bit of a fog going on now. Driving to Richmond later for pub lunch. Really cba withe that

Wanted to make it to the gym for 9. failed by 20 mins

I can smell bacon but all the windows are closed

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I woke up lying next to the M62 this morning. But it was OK I was in a Premier Inn

M-in-law’s birthday lunch today

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Thank you for adding another spooky sunday tale to the thread


Maybe the rozzers are raiding your house