Sunday Morning

Hungover, and as I went to bed first I had 2 hours of solo dad time. :weary:

However she was mostly into playing by herself luckily. Had to do a lot of spelling words for her to write in “her book”.

Today we have no plans but would like to go out. The problem will be to convince her to leave the house.

Hi Theo. Might go to bed soon


It’s 18 minutes into Sunday in the UK Theo! Not gone to bed from Saturday yet.

(Hope you coax her outside and have a nice Sunday).

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Decided I’m going to have a half of stout then go to bed.

Dangerous but impressive

Will probably have the other half afterwards, who am I kidding



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Cheers boss. Watcha got?

St Austell Tribute, nothing special.

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Solid go to beer though. Love a Tribute every now and again.


Hello Theo, rich-t, blimeycharlie!

I’m in my local. Going to hang on here for a beer after hours with my friend and then go back to hers. It’s been a good day (and night).


Just in from a gig. Had a 2 mile walk as the trains were buggered, it’s freezing out.

Watching a preposterous U2 video

Is it freezing in London? Not so bad here.

All of them?

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Cheers! @profk


Minus 2 here, but I’m just outside London, also probably didn’t have enough layers as I generally don’t when I go to gigs.

Red Hill Mining Town especially

Always layer up, no matter what. What gig were you at?

Nah, just get fat.