Sunday Morning

Hmm. Rattle And Hum era? I’ve not seen a lot of U2 videos as I always changed channel when they came on when I was a teenager.

Buying a coat would be cheaper than putting on some timber for me. You’ve met me, I’m built like an underfed whippet!

Hell is for Heroes, 15th anniversary of The Neon Handshake.

And I’m built like an overfed human. It’s about right for me atm. The colder it is, the less I sweat/feel uncomfortable (this was always the case when I was skinnier tbf)

My mate was at this last night in Portsmouth and tonight in London. Said they were great

Ooh, never listened to them. Onto the list!

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Ah yeah, that makes sense. I’m happiest when it’s hottest. I seem to function better in the heat.

They were good but the sound was pretty poor tonight. But I’m not a fan of Shepherds Bush.

Think so, only.know of it cause of John Robins tbb

I’m pretty skinny, and normally prefer the cold to being hot. But i was definitely underdressed tonight.

Home from gig/drinks with the lads and still a bit drunk. Trying to be quiet but I also want to scream the words to Susanne by Weezer

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Im gonna put Jamie on now!

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Ooooohhhhh, you’re all that I want from a girl

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Iiiii havent much that i can give you in return

Best track

I know what I’m listening to tomorrow morning now

Get it on now!


You baked me brownies and said “don’t you cry”

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Just got back to me hotel in Barcelona. Off to sleep in an hour and up in six hours for a nice brekkie I think

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