Sunday morning


Can’t be arsed going to the gym so instead I’m watching match of the day.

The weekends go so faaaast. Gonna do nothing today. Got two 4 day weeks coming up though.

What bout you?


Gonna hit up the Pompidou after breakfast, then Eurostar back to London this evening. Weekends definitely go too quickly aye.


Pompidou is a fun word to say.

I can remember being fascinated by the chunnel when i was wee cause it was always on the news about how much it was costing, delays and ludicrous articles about rabies. But I’ve still never been on it - is it stupidly expensive?

Showing my age here, also.


It depends how long in advance you book. Our tickets for this trip are much cheaper than our tickets to harrogate last weekend… Big fan of it - used to use it loads for business trips to Brussels.



Wedding was fun yesterday- our band was well received and my voice held out (thanks @Super73 for the tip in the Vocalzones - they did just the trick). Lots and lots of dancing, including getting the bride to dance with the groom’s grandfather to Feist.

Might treat ourselves to lunch out today. No major plans otherwise


The Eurostar’s great. Much better than flying to France or Belgium. Plus if you are travelling on from Paris or Brussels you can add on your journey by SNCF or SNCB. travelled all the way from Toulouse to London this summer for less than the return ticket from Cardiff to Paddington.


Been awake since about 4 and I’m really bored. I’ve pretty much lost my voice too! No idea what’s happened there.

I’m gonna get up soon and head in to town cos a tattoo studio I love is doing a flash day. I hope I get to pick something good.





in a cafe rn waiting on breakfast. then meeting my bro for a game of golf.

quite tired.


went for a 1 hour run

shaved my head

sang along to Pulp naked in my bathroom

felt sad and alone


It can be cheap. Often was ver reasonable if your journeys were on weekends but week days try to catch business traffic.

Compared to flights it’s good for direct journeys to cities it serves but if you have to change to local services you can find cheaper budget air fares. Imagine this is even more true if you live somewhere like Manchester?


Sacked off my Norwich nerdy card game trip and had a lie in instead. Got loads of other tournaments coming up, no point going to one that felt like a chore.

Got a package to collect from the sorting office. Might head out on my bike. Will do some weights stuff too.


If you can get cheap adv fares on UK trains, I find it a better way to travel. If I’m flying from Brussels to Glasgow I have to take a one hour coach to Charleroi, queue at security etc., land in Edinburgh, queue for coach to Glasgow, It takes about 6 hours door to door. Eurostar takes 2 hours to London, 30 minutes to change trains, 4.5 hours to Glasgow on a fast train. And it’s normally not that much more expensive when you factor in the costs of getting to airports, and it’s a far more comfortable, stress-free, environmentally friendly way to travel.


last time I wanted to fly home, getting a TGV to Paris CDG and flying straight to Glasgow was cheaper than the Ryanair + airport transfer racketeering.


I just found some lush bath melts that I saved for “another day” but they’ve gone off :persevere: I do this all the time, saving things for better days when actually there’s nothing wrong with just enjoying treats now and not worrying about potentially better circumstances arising if that makes sense?

Anyway I’m going to play a lot of tekken tag today and apply for some jobs :muscle: :writing_hand: :ok_hand:


Also it’s generally good for going anywhere in France and Benelux (you get massive discounts for onwards travel).


oh yeah we were thinking about going to that. Gf’s got a couple of pieces by sarah who works there already, big fan, but it’s her nephew’s bday today as well so we’ve got to go oop north to swinton as well so dont think itll happen really. Hope you get summat good!


Just nipped to the shop. There were a group of #lads at the cash point who were clearly still on it from last night. Jealous.


Just had double breakfast. My stomach’s still feeling pretty weird so not gonna do much today, probably play some video games or something


guten morgen
really hungry, gonna have some granola and yoghurt i think