Sunday my prince will come

Woop woop! That’s the sound of the snow klaxon.

Happy to be off work today, got a whole load of nothing planned


No snow here, just a covering of frost - but enough for the pitch to be frozen and my football game to be off.

No other option but to return to bed!

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I just asked that AI ChatGPT thing to write a song about cheese by The Beatles

Verse 1:
In the land of Liverpool
Where the streets are paved with gold
There’s a food that we adore
It’s a favorite to behold

Cheese, oh cheese
Melty, creamy, oh so nice
From cheddar to brie
We can’t get enough of this delight

Verse 2:
On a cracker or a sandwich
In a soup or on a salad
There’s no wrong way to eat
This delicious treat

Cheese, oh cheese
Melty, creamy, oh so nice
From cheddar to brie
We can’t get enough of this delight

With its tangy, salty flavor
And its rich, creamy texture
Cheese is a food that’s oh so fine
It’s a staple in our diet
And a tasty treat all the time

Cheese, oh cheese
Melty, creamy, oh so nice
From cheddar to brie
We can’t get enough of this delight

So if you’re feeling hungry
And you don’t know what to eat
Just grab some cheese
And you can’t go wrong, it’s a sure treat!


Snow in Newcastle overnight. Quick pano I took on my way to the station:

I’m on a train to London, we had a pretty solid covering until about Darlington. The journey through Durham is great at the best of times, but with the sun coming up and snow on the ground? Beautiful.


off to watch the Manchester derby at the emptihad, which I’m led to believe will be quite full


It was a typical day on Coronation Street, with the residents going about their business and chatting with each other on the cobbled street. Suddenly, a loud, pulsing beat filled the air, and a group of young people dressed in neon clothing and sporting brightly colored hair appeared at the end of the street.

At the front of the group was a man wearing a silver mask and carrying a laptop. He was Aphex Twin, the legendary electronic musician, and he had come to the street to perform a surprise concert.

The residents of Coronation Street were stunned by the sudden appearance of the group, and they quickly gathered around to watch as Aphex Twin set up his equipment and began to play. The music was unlike anything anyone on the street had ever heard before, and it quickly had everyone dancing and moving to the beat.

As the concert continued, more and more people joined in, including some of the more unlikely residents of the street. Norris Cole, the grumpy old man who lived at number three, was seen dancing with his wife, and even the usually stoic Ken Barlow was seen tapping his foot along to the music.

In the end, the concert was a huge success, and everyone on the street left with smiles on their faces and a newfound appreciation for the music of Aphex Twin.


Frosty here and we have to feed the neighbours cat. Want to see a picture of the cat? …it’s quite a pretty cat.

Yes, please.


Awake and bit wine hungover.

MrS is making tea while I watch the snooooooow.

No plans today beyond some work and playing with the dog.

Here ya go!


Washing machine coming today. That’s about it for my plans: waiting :eyes:

I need everyone to remain calm but…I’m going to the tip this morning.


Feel like I’ve got so much to get done today (largely my own fault for doing next to nothing yesterday). Yet I’m lying on the sofa with the cat and a cuppa.

Bloody cold, isn’t it? Have genuinely just got dressed and got back into bed. Hat and everything.

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  • Nip to Tesco Express for milk (5 mins)
  • Walk to Asda (10 mins) and make a day of it

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No snow :frowning:

Ooh but will Asda be open yet? Pesky Sunday trading.

Oh yeah good point, opens at 10. Tesco it is.

misread thread title as prance

Still testing positive (as of yesterday), feeling better but still not well (cw:body grossness still coughing up chunks of green/brown mucus)

9yo has her dance & gymnastics Christmas/end of term shows all day today

Love it when my wife aggressively implies that I’m a useless, uncaring father for suggesting that it might not be the best idea for anyone for me to drag myself along & stand in a freezing sports hall/dance salon with 100 other parents & kids for 3/4 hours today

Really great stuff

How is it that the 9yo is loving & understanding but not the person who married me?

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