Sunday night blues

It’s Sunday night! Freakin’ cold here, but I have just agreed a contract to move to a new apartment! Taking a bit of a financial risk but it will be amazing to be somewhere a bit more long term after moving 3 times in a year.

How are you? Are you excited for the week ahead?

evenin ssf,
moving is such a fucking pain in the arse, glad you got someplace sorted.
having myself a zywiec before I meet a couple of ATDs for some pizza and beers before the lemon twigs gig :+1:
week ahead is gonna be busy, off to see blondie on tues night and Aldous harding on fri night, so there’s that.

Thanks! pizza and beer sounds fucking bangin. I wish I had beer in the house, though I had a pretty heavy weekend so might be good to have a night off.

I didn’t realise Blondie were still going!

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I need to focus on the work I need to do starting next week, I think. Make sure the first miserable thought I have upon waking up doesn’t end up taking over my mind for the rest of the day.

ye canny whack pizza abd veer. :slight_smile:
ha, irt came about from me being out on the piss with my buddys girlfriend, she brought up blondie at some point during the night and I mentioned that I like some of their stuff, she then proceeded to buy us tickets. I had zero recollection of this till she text me a few days later saying ‘do you remember ordering blondie tickets?!’ :slight_smile:

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Really jealous of you seeing blondie, I bought their greatest hits when I was about 18 and fell in love - they’ve got some proper tunes.


Hey @stupidsexyflanders @rich-t @Lo-Pan @manches @laelfy and @ynot (currently typing)

I’m pretty good actually. Going to cook a nice chicken and noodle one-pot and then do not much this evening. House is in chaos in advance of carpet fitting but hopefully we should be able to start getting things back in order from tomorrow night.

I am amazed at the difference a couple of simple things (a good night sleep and a pleasant walk) make to my well-being / stress levels etc.


Im finally getting around to emptying out the kitchen for tomorrow. I didn’t realise we had so much crap.

Stocked up with M&S ready meals and beers for the week.

Oh, and am I looking forward to the week? I’d say: no, but neither am I dreading it. Maybe I should be…?

Great news! Well on board with you about simple things making a difference.

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Good stuff, I’ve been sleeping better of late and it makes a big difference. I think my sleeping better is due to my cutting out drinking during the week.


Yeah I’m quite looking forward to it, should be fun :+1:

Not too bluesy here as finished my work for today, cooking some Yorkshire puddings etc and got a chocolate orange for later.

Had a nice catch-up with a friend today as well which was lovely and going to persuade MrS to book our NY tickets this evening!

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What’s happenin in NY?
I was checking out flight to ny the other day as I might go next year for my 40th, some good deals on the go right now.

I can’t remember if I’m even meant to go in tomorrow but going to because I need the money. Hopefully get sent home :slight_smile:
Can’t remember not feeling wretched

Just going for holidays, next July / August, there then visiting my sister in Pennsylvania. Like you say got some nice deals so don’t want to leave it too late.

Kids only wishlist item is Ghostbusters fire station…


It’s like 1 degree outside here

Ghostbusters fire station​:+1::grinning: