Sunday Night Cat Thread

What are your cats up to tonight? How do they end the week?

I just saw my family cats, they have all got super fat over winter. Only managed to sneak this deceptively photogenic one though.

Going back to the friends we are housesitting for and they have more cats that are less fluffy. Will update when I get back to them.


Poor carmen is home alone all week :crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face: She was so cuddly this morning as well!! Could always waste money to go down and play with her…

dad told the neighbor whose feeding her to make sure he talks and pets her so she stays friends with us lol

Dunno what my cat is up to :cry:

Pickle was making it bloody tricky to read earlier…


Always find our cats become super friendly for a few days whenever they’ve been left alone for a while, but then quickly go back to being v aloof.

Curled up in front of the fire.



I don’t know what my cats are up to. :frowning: Here’s a picture of Calcifer as a baby to compensate


Saw a good cat with a moustache yesterday


Just acting dumb as usual

Love the name Calcifer :heart_eyes_cat:


My parents let my brother pick the name. If you ask him why he chose Calcifer, he says “I couldn’t think of a reason not to!”

Fair enough, really.

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@zxcvbnm @jazzballet they’re so big now :sob: :heart_eyes_cat:

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Not even on catbook, pal.

Can’t argue with that!

I’m on a train home. Normally when I’m about ten houses away from home if I jingle my keys Sooty comes running out a garden and follows me home.


And here she is enjoying John Wick (her favourite bit is the dead dog)


I think she’ll be properly mental at my dad, she likes him the most

Has gold cat brought u luck?..