Sunday Night Escapism - What're the first 3 things you'd do if you won £1m?




Another pint
Another pint


that’s a lot of milk

  1. Invest it in a very low yield savings account.


I meant beer

  • Hand/e-mail in notice
  • Pay off both parents’ mortgages
  • Book some flights somewhere fun


Get that sweet parental rental income


probably post about it on here



Taxi to Dublin.

Collect my winnings.

Buy most of the stock of Someneck Guitars.


Buy these £1,170 boots

Book a holiday to Palau.

Buy a house.


I’d book a weekend somewhere but I fear it’d be really boring compared to you guys. Like maybe Boston or Dublin.


Buy one of those ridiculous frozen coffee dessert things


Nah Lincolnshire’s a wild county for sure.


Move into a hotel
Get a financial advisor
Work out how much to give to my family and charity and invest to be financially secure.

Then after that blow the lot on sex, drugs and rock n roll, obviously


I’m way too boring and sensible to be allowed £1m. It’d probably sit in some shitty savings account for ages til I figured out what to do with it.


I probably wouldn’t do much until tomorrow.

  • Ring family
  • Ring mates
  • Get a fuckload of takeaway in


I’ve thought about this before and I wouldn’t tell anyone aside from very close family, and just spend the rest of my life actually being able to afford ‘basic’ stuff out like meals out and reasonably priced holidays.


Facebook update
Order a rickenbacker 620


Buy some new slacks, for sure.