Sunday 'no fear' thread


No fear’ only guaranteed for those who are off tomorrow.

Going sofa shopping today. What should we get? Japandroids later.


Going back to That London. Bought a first class ticket for the train because it was only £4 extra and there’s wi-fi.


Living the dream


Still get tinnitus ringing from japandroids/a place to bury strangers from 2009 :dizzy_face: that was before I learned that wearing no earplugs and standing by a speaker was a very bad idea

My mum and brother are travelling soon for like 2 months so I’m going to help them pack, they’re going to need so so much stuff


had a really love day with my boyfriend yesterday but really tired. going out campaigning for local elections (remember to vote this week!). Tim Farron is on tv still criticising the media for asking about his religious views, christ.


House to mein self today. Running a bath now, then put on some music and write a couple of letters with my new fountain pen.

Might pop to a pub and watch football after lunch, or perhaps stay in and watch snooker. Then pick the kids up from their Mum’s and spend four hours trying to get them to sleep.


Quite hungover. Eating mexican breakfast, drinking coffee and watching frasier double bill. No plans beyond that. Lazy day probably.


hollyoaks omnibus



Currently eating toast, drinking tea and… err… watching The Bill - it’s so dreadful.

Going for lunch with my parents in a bit. Need to nip to Matt Alan to get some scruffy ‘going to the beach’ T shirts for holiday too.




We’re planning to go to Guardians of The Galaxy at 12.30. Quite keen on going out for a burger today too.




Woke up and remembered i had a half-eaten chicken tikka kebab in the kitchen so polished that off cold. Just cracked open my first ice-cold bottle of Kronenbourg. Back in bed now listening to Football Weekly. Got some ice cream as well, then the Derby della Capitale, Everton/Chelsea and Spurs/Arsenal, followed by the snooker.



laying on top of my bed, gonna get up in 15 and go for a long walk to kill time until the Utd game. will put some washing in before i do as well. LAD


I just woke up. Going to do absolutely fuck all with my day until the Chelsea game, after which I’ll meet the TV for a while. Planning on going reet mad tonight though, aye.

Bonus picture of me in bed included.


Dog found this when out last night. Carried it all the way. She was well chuffed with herself.


Ya dead, mon?


You should have spoilered this!



Oh dang it, I’m on the slow train to London.

But lovely comfy seat.


Resting from a wedding reception last night. There was Bollywood dancing, conga lines and a Mariachi band.