Sunday No Fun Day



I’m on my way to work, having to grab a taxi cause of the lovely combination that is Sunday bus times and planned maintenance work on the subway. Yay.

Hope most of you are still safely in bed, but to come round to keep me company when you get up xx


The World Cup has left me severely hungover. Glad this only happens every four years.


Best manning my best friend’s wedding :slight_smile:


Stupid brain won’t let me sleep in :frowning:
Cba to get the drink of water I desperately need :confused:
No plans today other than snoozing in front of le tour


Just had the brilliant news that maybe I can go home around noon rather than staying till 4pm (but still getting paid full shift obvs). :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

@AphexTwinkletoes That’s awesome, hope you both/all have an amazing time :smiley:

To everyone hungover today: Good luck. At least you had fun last night, eh


Morning WR


Emotional day :white_check_mark:
Cake :white_check_mark:
Tiers :white_check_mark:


Hi wr et al. Still in Warwick for the next couple of hours so hanging out with a very chill baby atm. Feeling a bit bilious after WORLD CUP boozing, got into the Lagavulin (touched for the very first time) far too early yesterday :grimacing:


Quick bit of exercise before it gets too hot. Trip to the cemetery to see my sister and mum. Out to a show in our village to drink beer in the sunshine and look at the cake tent. Later cooking for my dad and brother (if he comes round).

All about family today.


Man I’m sleepy

Having to get up before 7am on a Sunday should be illegal or something


Morning folks! Up early and it’s already boiling here. Today is Mrs F’s birthday so I’m going to make a fancy breakfast then we’ll start drinking steadily in the garden I imagine before a bbbbbq at my parents’ house later. Not a bad :sunny:️day really.


should I get a roast dinner on my own

  • yes
  • no

0 voters


Another day of stifling heat predicted here so we’re fleeing to the north Norfolk coast which is going to be around 23 degrees, so more manageable than the 30ish it’s expected to be here. I’m most looking forward to the two hour drive because air-conditioning.


It’s rained all day today, I’ve spent it on the couch watching the World Cup, mate came round for the England game which was nice. Cooked up a roast for dinner and now chilling playing FM while the TV watches Black Panther.


Breakfast options:

  • Pork and apple sausages in sandwich form
  • Beans on toast
  • Cheese on toast
  • Spicy :hot_pepper: sausages in sandwich form

0 voters

Poll will close when I cba to make something


My answer is not a no to going on your own, but to having a roast on a day like this.


Rained… what is rained…?


ah i hate hate hate the sun so i will do what I normally do (black jeans and tshirt)




I am the hangover