Sunday (no) fun day

Hey folks

Hope you are all surviving fine

I’ve only got stupid tonsillitis again, which is great having a cough and fever when they are also symptoms of something else going around at the moment (my cough is very productive though and obviously related to the sore throat that feels like there are razors in there and the white pus spots on my comically enlarged tonsils).

Now I’ve left you with that lovely image (if you read the spoiler), what are you all up to today?

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Morning FL, and subsequent DiS legends.

Hope that the tonsillitis clears up quickly.

Actually leaving the house! Youngest small person has to do a school project about the Iron Age. There’s an Iron Age hill fort nearby, so her and I are taking the dogs there for an explore this morning.


Gonna brave Sainos. Could be a bad decision



Its cold.

Gonna get a stew going. Need stock.

Also going to make a (cabbage and bean) stew.

Going to make a loaf of bread too and then plunge fistfuls of the latter into the former.

Might go to bacurau this afternoon


36 today m8s. Going to celebrate by driving home from Basildon and having the dreads before work tmrw. Got a sore throat from sleeping directly under an air conditioning unit the other night. The kid has spent two days with nana meaning that she has developed a slight Essex accent, hearing her say “oh no” is great.


it is cold eh. wtf.



Good Morning @anon89873996 and other daily threaders

We’re currently waiting for the supermarket delivery, not too many unavailable items thankfully, but the day is on hold until it comes. We don’t even have milk for coffee. Hurry up Sainsbury’s!

We’ll be going back to sorting out our spare room later too. We’ve been here three and half years and since we moved in the room has been full of moving boxes - mainly books, but also general nick nacks, which after all this time we probably don’t need any more. We’re being pretty brutal, and the local charity shops are going to do well out of us.




Got to.clean the house, write reports and do some work, v has a friend coming round, might drag them out for fresh air later.

BA cancelled and refunded our Easter trip last night which while good in terms of not being a hassle has left me feeling really sad. Which I then feel bad about because obviously there are much worse things going on than cancelled holidays. It really is a no fun day.


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Morning dis! I’m about to make some toast with this ‘posh cow’ butter that’s whipped with honey. Then a coffee. All alongside Sunday Brunch.


Watched the end of the series 1 of Flowers (very good), and the Japanese character kept going on about British people being obsessed with butter, found it very funny.

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just when you thought every niche of the ‘posted through your door subscription service’ type products had been done:



Parents are coming up from The Big Petri Dish [london]. I think this is a bad idea but my ma was insistent. :confused:

Where can I rent hazmat suits?

Love and solidarity FL, I had a hideous bout of tonsillitis a few weeks ago and it was awful xxx

Happy birthday!

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Get well soon @anon89873996 and happy birthday @hankscorpio!

Today I shall go for a couple of walks, watch some crappy reality TV and make an omelette. This is starting to get a bit repetitive.