Sunday (no) fun day

Vada pav :chefs kiss:

The only thing I dont rate is the dosa

We have that mug!! :heart_eyes: Snapsies

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Is going to the gym still ok? (Using wipes and keeping distance is a given). Read a couple things saying it is but they’re a few days old and obviously everything is moving so quick

Dunno, depends. I’m there now, being scrupulous about using antibacterial wipes to clean every handle and washing my hands every few exercises. Don’t see it being any worse than getting the tube.

MIDI controller stopped working

  • driver issue
  • hardware issue
  • ghosts

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Morning all. Off to Scrap Club later, where we smash up old technology with hammers, which is great fun.
Still feeling very pleased with writing the “sexual elf” joke in this headline…


is that what he calls his dick

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Sainsbobs was horrific. Queued into the car park, struggled to find a space (thank god for parent and baby parking), massive queues at the tills, no pasta, beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, cereal, washing up liquid, tea, crisps or frozen chips. Ransacked

cornershops are panic buying proof


Sexual elf or paddleboard? It’s to do with Legolas abstaining from sex for six months, apparently, before he met Katy Perry. Reckons it did wonders for his relationships with women.

My little sister is in hospital, she broke her ankle last night, slipped on a wet floor at a rock club.
Just catching up on the family chat group and it’s all just my siblings sharing videos like this

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(At the response and gif not the fact she broke her ankle :smiley:)

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  • Make strawberry milkshake
  • Make another cup of tea

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  • People falling over dramatically is always funny (as long as they are okay)
  • I am a mature adult

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fixed it

unplugged it and plugged it back in at the computer end instead of the controller end



I really love the ghost emoji, it manages to convey scariness, silliness and is also kind of sweet.


happy birthday @hankscorpio ya splendid fucker. hope you have a grand day. :slight_smile:

think i might get the old bats out and play some golf.


Ghosts uninstalling the latest driver.


Alright folks.

I have developed several symptoms of you-know-what so am self-isolating. Not completely convinced at this point but want to play safe.

Just watched the last two episodes of The Stranger. Now on Hairy Bikers.

Happy birthday @shucks and @hankscorpio and GWS @anon89873996