Sunday (non-food/ general miscellany)

Morning all!

General bumph here.

Food pictures in the Dinner thread.

Wor Lass and The Child are going to see the twins so I’m home alone all day. I was going to go to see some bands but my foot isn’t really up to standing all afternoon and it’s chilly outside.

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Morning keith, it’s lovely and sunny here and i wanted to go out for a nature walk and a warm cooked lunch after a week of cold lunches, but I’ve been asked last minute to tutor and i need the money so no day off for me this week :pensive:

I had the most detailed, HD nightmare though, it’s actually amazing how some of those details manifested. I’ll write it under a cut to spare those who don’t like dream chat


The first part was not scary, i was working in a school that had weird open toilets and i was unhappy, but the second part, we went on holiday to scotland as part of the teacher training, to the hebrides (inner). I got separated from the group and went to a burger restaurant that had tiny details like a “wireless bathroom system” which needed tickets to take so you can unlock the bathroom. So much detail like the menu price (6 for the burger, 10 for a meal) and me sneaking in a drink i brought because my meal was expensive. I wanted to see the water before going and ended up in a residential area surrounding an inlet of water, the weather was lovely and the people were friendly, someone had a tiny goat who sat on my lap for a while and we joked about how i used to pronounce it he-brides. I was invited in for fudge that was so delicious, chocolate fudge in a white paper bag and i kept eating it. But then suddenly, at the hallway window there were strange circular dark grey clouds high up then what formed next was an evil looking ring of hatched lines that turned into acidic looking black blobs, then suddenly snow fell and it got suddenly dark like an eclipse. The family told me to stay with them and on their CCTV, we could see people throwing things at the house and chasing people like in the purge. I forced myself out of the dream at that point as it was scary. This is what the storm looked like - i was asking others in the dream if they saw it too and they did

It was genuinely so scary, i hate big things in the sky

Going for a walk with the pup, our friends and their dog. She likes trees.


Been ill for since the last day of the summer holidays. Funny that.

In an unrelated note I’ve seen on TWO SEPARATE occasions, children wearing sliders and socks to school. Wtf is wrong with people. Sliders.


I hope you get the chance for some warm food later.

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Morning and anglos a Sunday DiSfolk :sun_with_face:

Off to work shortly :pleading_face: Hoping some people turn up who aren’t already booked and pay me some sweet cash so i can go to Lidl.


V wore this to sainsbo the other day. I had to pretend not to know him. Particularly when he was removing the sliders to run and slide up the aisles.

Think my sister had this battle with my niece often.

Obviously i only witness it when on holiday, one time for a walk in the woods abd sister was eventually like fine where what you want. Obviously they kept falling off, kept moaning about getting dirt in then etc and falling behind and led to full on meltdown.

Another holiday a month later same thing except the ‘well youre not coming unless you were sensible shoes’ won

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Padres won! It’s been a while since this sort of fun started and it’s not gonna stop for for a while


Local team won a game of executive rounders and now grown strangers are fist bumping each other to make sure they agree on the phrase, “let’s go”.



Didn’t drink last night so pretty fresh and well rested

Having a smoothie and listening to Sky Blue Sky for the 1st time in many years I think. Fuck me Impossible Germany is a good song

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Cwoffee and Lidl cwoissant for breakfast mmm


We’ve had a power cut. And so it begins.

Back on now.

Parents were meant to be visiting but have bailed, as they often do, and then they complain about never seeing the bairns :roll_eyes:

Key thing is i want to watch the football today, motherwell v rangers, and start getting shot of some of the house clutter in preparation for the living room decoration that is the project for this week.

Was going to go to the boot sale but levels of not being bothered are high so that’s off

Walking dog up to my mum’s in a bit for a cup of tea, then home for some work finish that in time for the big match. Dinner and maybe start that Watcher show??

Feel surprisingly okay considering I had about ten pints of Guinness on a fairly empty stomach yesterday. Gonna go and get rolls and sausages, have a bath, tidy the flat and then go for a pint with a someone off Tinder. She has other plans later though so it’ll be time limited. Quite like that though.

Alright. Done a long stint washing up. Gonna go out for a walk then have a chilled afternoon I think.

Tim’s having an existential crisis discussing the ship of Theseus and comparing it to triggers broom on Sunday brunch.


Had to turn over. Awful telly