Sunday (non-food/ general miscellany)

Autoglass repair.

  • Autoglass replace.

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Sparky’s Dream is the best song of the 90s


I’m really sensitive to caffeine and I’ve already had a machine coffee today but I’m tempted to go and get an energy drink (Monster or something) just because I’m so mindlessly bored and restless.

  • Sounds like a bad idea and you’ll be twitching like mad later and really anxious
  • Yeah life’s too short

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GWS squandy!

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Get a Henry Weston’s instead

I would but I’m worried there’s something wrong with my liver/pancreas

Bored Spongebob Squarepants GIF by Nickelodeon

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Bit ill but not covid, watching Radiohead live youtubes on the sofa with the dog. @yorkshirepud coming home this evening to rescue us.

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That was an excellent tour today and there’s a very very good dog on the bus.



Whaddup internetters

On us way into Manchester for an afternoon of Chinese meal a cocktails with our mate Steve! Not seen Steve since May and now we’ve got three weekends on the bounce with him, can you beat that?

Feeling positive about myself and my life even tho some of it is fucked up by objective standards, it’s all going to work out ok!

Enjoy your Sundays yeah :v:


Sorry I’ll see you in a bit for my existential crisis

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@scout seen Alice Macmillan has a 20% sale on all prints atm?

Aww nice!

This is awful. Not fizzy enough.

Done the big shop, done some laundry, changed the sheets, had some samosas for lunch, now gonna start Am I Being Unreasonable? and sit down till triple-carb dinnertime.

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Excellent series that

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Halfway through episode 2 and really enjoying it.

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Fucking hell this is brilliant

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Went to a good leisure centre earlier
Big water slides

Also it’s a year exactly since i saw this painting of a horse / donkey