Sunday of all weathers

Will it be snow, hail, sun, tropical winds? Who knows.

Really not happy with my idiot cat, kept me awake most of the night and now I feel terrible from lack of sleep.

What’s going on today? Plans? Breakfast?


Can hear the wee man jibbering to himself so I reckon I’ll be dragged out of bed shortly.

Going to park to see a mate later. Suspect it’ll be freezing.

Tricky night with the toddler.
Breakfast chat has started with “Shall we talk about the dead whale?” from Blue Planet which has been the main topic of conversation for the last two days.


Blue skies and a bit chilly here.

I need to pop into town this morning. I went to dye my hair yesterday afternoon and got it wrong (they must have changed the chemicals because I’ve been doing it for twenty something years). So a trip to Boots wearing a hat it is. Thankfully in this weather no one will think that’s untoward at all.

It took me ages to get to sleep last night because I drank too much coffee yesterday, so I’ll be winding that back today

When he was about three Jimbo saw a seagull that had been run over and it was his favourite topic of conversation for about six months :grimacing:

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Just having coffee and about to attempt to get food down me before going for a bike on the downs cos it’s a lovely sunny morning down here.

Got hopefully my last coffee / walking date for a good while this afternoon (before transitioning to pub garden dates I guess).

What colour is your hair right now then?

It’s so interesting to witness them processing stuff like that. Feel like we’ve had a surprising number of conversations about death before the age of 2, mainly due to it being a plot point in so many kids films!

Morning lovelies!!

Up and going to steward at church…then it’s not a lot all day, mrS back to work tomorrow so he’ll be a bit grumpy…better make some delicious dinner, perhaps a pie.

Might drag kids for a walk but it seems unlikely.


It’s my second lockdown birthday. Going to drink lots of coffee then go to a friend’s for garden cocktails later.


Happy Birthday man! :partying_face::tada::gift::balloon:


Happiest of birthdays to an absolute beauty.



Woke up at like six or something. Not good.
Meeting pals for a walk at 10. Would’ve bailed if I hadn’t not seen them for about eight months

Just had some leftover mackerel and rice from yesterday and tostada con tomate and I might die from the beauty of it all.


happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:


Happy cakes :birthday:


“Where’s Peter Rabbit’s daddy?”


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HBPIF! :partying_face:


M asked me yesterday why no princesses have mummies. Really don’t know why they all have to be orphans but I think she quite likes the idea now :see_no_evil:


I think the technical term is “strawberry blonde”

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