Sunday of all weathers

I think the technical term is “strawberry blonde”

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Sunday of all Weathers


If you read the original Grimms fairy tales, the evil older women quite often are their mothers. I think the evil step mother thing might be something Disney did to make things a bit more palatable

HP BD PIF! :cake:


Morning morning
Happy birthday @paidinfull!

I should be very hungover in a hotel room in Dorset after my friend’s wedding today but, unfortunately, I’m feeling daisy fresh :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Just had marmite and peanut butter crumpets for first breakfast, pot of tea, MotD and then shakshouka for second breakfast.
Think I’m just going to watch films today


wish i had shakshouka


Morning all.

Had a couple of toasts for breakfast.

Another grim day by the look of it - just started snowing, in fact. Was planning on finishing off painting the fence today, but perhaps not if it’s only going to scrape up to 5 degrees.

Dog walking and boredom it is!

HB @paidinfull :birthday: :tada:

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Get on it, japes! It can be your day-task (if you’ve got nothing else planned of course)

Had a dream where I hijacked a car


There is still snow on the ground!

I’m supposed to be digging beds in the garden!

Kids are pissed the snow is useless!

Slept while cartoons were on for 2 extra hours!

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Weather looks decent enough for park beers today :crossed_fingers: should probably go out for a run at some point first.

Starting my first real job of this year tomorrow. Dread is gonna be palpable in a few hours.


We’ve got the dishoom veggie sausage naan kit.

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there are only 12 hours a week you can listen to this song


Happy birthday @paidinfull . Looks like a lovely day for garden cocktails.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all!

I had a short lie in. The Child was meant to be playing football this afternoon but she has an endless supply of snot coming out of her face so I’m cancelling that. I could really do with her not being ill this week.

Was always gonna happen but my pal’s italian wedding this summer just got cancelled. Gutted. Really wanted an italian holiday. Sad about the wedding too, like, but

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One advantage of being woken up by the furry alarm clock at 8.20 was that I had the brainwave of ringing the vaccine booking line on the basis that no one else would be ringing that early on a Sunday. So that’s booked in for tomorrow.

Need to pop out for a click and collect thing in a bit and I think I’ll have a walk at the same time as the weather’s supposed to take a turn for the worse this afternoon.

Happy birthday PIF, too!

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