Sunday 'oh shit it's Easter holidays innit' thread

Morning all. Just at a phenomenally busy Stansted waiting for a flight to Copenhagen. Weighing up whether to have a beer, my body’s saying no but my holiday head’s saying LETS GET IT.

Clear out though. Seems like smooth running for yous. I hope you enjoy Copenhagen, I really love that city. As wonderful as the song would suggest. Pfffff…fuck.

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Get a beer now on Ruffers btw. I’ll get you one upon your return.

This one’s for you babez


Way too early to be awake tbh

Looks like a lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay today (that was surprisingly tricky to type on a mobile keyboard)


‘The tiny pad, featuring “scientific scholarly notes” written during the Bard’s lifetime, left manuscripts specialist Matthew Haley “trembling”’

Trembling with uncontrollable laughter, I bet! :joy:


…i need to get up and make coffee

Why are you up so early ezzer? Day of rest innit.

Went to bed at 11. Cant sleep in anymore!

Being old is well shit :dizzy_face:

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The squirrels have outfoxed me and are beavering away at chewing through their new feeder. Wallaby.

Meeting a friend for a climb, then probably spend too long playing rocket league.

Off for a quick recovery run, then maybe a bit of gardening, and then we’re seeing Pet Shop Boys tonight. Woo!

Run The Jewels were awesome last night as well. My legs feel better for having spent the evening jumping around, so maybe that’s a new training technique to follow…

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Off to Wembley for the football. Just realised it’s rail replacement buses to Cambridge though.sigh


Was dreading getting up as it’s really a total lottery as to what I’m going to have to face each day but today my mum doesn’t seem toooo bad soI’m counting that as a victory. No need to get drunk at 9am basically.


Feeling great to say how much I drank yesterday, off on a long walk around town. Might treat myself to a nice breakfast cob

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Yeah we had this problem yesterday. And it’s not even a Fenino weekend! Ended up driving to Huntingdon and getting the train from there.

delighted I managed to get myself out of the house yesterday, lovely meal, lovely drinks. not much on today. just watched the new rick and morty. might put on pants at some stage.

Morning all. Went out for a quick pint last night, got home at 5am. Can’t sleep because I don’t have any curtains in my room and it’s so sunny outside.

Leftover huevos rancheros from yesterday morn is properly gonna sort me out mind you.