Sunday 'oh shit it's Easter holidays innit' thread


That sounds lovely. Let us know what plants you get!


delighted I managed to get myself out of the house yesterday, lovely meal, lovely drinks. not much on today. just watched the new rick and morty. might put on pants at some stage.


Morning all. Went out for a quick pint last night, got home at 5am. Can’t sleep because I don’t have any curtains in my room and it’s so sunny outside.

Leftover huevos rancheros from yesterday morn is properly gonna sort me out mind you.


Fell back asleep til now :disappointed_relieved:


Morning DiS. Feel relatively okay after the amount of drink I put away last night. Meetin an ATD for coffee soon, then visiting Nana Geesey in hospital. We’re pretty worried about her but hopefully she’ll be okay.



30 pints or more? :wink:

all the best to your nana


I joined Clonmel’s finest pintmen last night, Paddy Losty would have approved.

Thanks man! Fingers crossed.


Morning all, it’s glorious out there, isn’t it?

Have a great time in Copenhagen @Jeremys_Iron :airplane::sunny::beer:



Sadly the episode will have to wait as I’ve got a ton of errands to run :confused:


Dunno what to do today. Might go for a walk.


Parents, sister and her husband coming up for dinner. Can’t really cba really as I had to be sociable last night too and I find it pretty draining. Might go see Phil Jupitus doing some comedy tonight if they leave in time. Have a good day all and enjoy Copenhagen op.


Need to get up. Been listening to beer wanker podcasts.

Got a mock exam for the course I’m doing at work tomorrow, so need to revise.

Gonna brew some up coffee.

Might walk to a beer shop later. Might watch the football. Will try read some non-work stuff too.


What should I have for brekkie?




bit drunk!


Up and on our way to Wem-bel-ey. Come on you yellows etc.

Am on Easter hols but my kids aren’t shame I can’t enjoy it too much though as have a massive load of work to do.


Is there a better brekko (sorry theo) than eggs and coffee? I think not.


Huel, obviously.


Tell us about your eggs


can’t get over how great jake thackray was.