Sunday punday

Today I am going to see Last Christmas!
Might go Pizza Express too.

I am at work. Here until 4.30 :frowning:. But I’m listening to the latest Hot Chip to get me pumped for the day whilst checking through the weekly paperwork.

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Hello. Got work in a bit. Just wanna hide from life under the covers all day tbh.


Hello, watching Moomins and having a cuddle with the kid, wife is hungover, swimming later. Standard Sunday.



I was awake for most of the night, so feeling suboptimal.

My mum is exasperated at me being ill still, which is just lovely to deal with.

Got a big bowl of porridge though, so there at least is that.

Up, tea and toasting. Doing children’s liturgy this morning so that’s nice, rest of the household still asleep so may not have my trusty helpers though.

Working until 2, 7th day in a row so far…and my next day off is 25th :grimacing:

Got a stupid neck/shoulder injury again, which seems to happen about once a month, great.

Marmalade on toast for breakfast though so that’s good.

Been to the dentist twice in 4 days, £350 down and woke up with the worst toothache ever


Took the 6yo to a Dungen gig last night, taking her to her ballet class in a bit

Gonna probably have to come close to overdosing on painkillers to make it through the day

Oh that’s horrible, toothache is the absolute worst. X

I too have a neck and shoulder thing, no idea how I do it but it’s horrible…sign of impending age.

Also I am coming to Manchester in March! Will let you know nearer the time but maybe we can meats

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It’s acceptable to only get out of bed at 10am right?

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Just been to Mysore palace


Morning all!

The Teenager was asleep on my sofa at about 9.00 so I watched some Neon Genesis Evangelion after Jumani. Wor Lass (with her sister) arrived home around 12.30.

I’ve got grocery shopping to do at some point and a class to plan for tomorrow.


Absolutely, we can complain about our pains together.

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It’s dreadful… and it’s only got worse since going to the dentist

Should probably get up, shouldn’t I.

Think I’m going to spend the day out in Brixton. Not spent a lot of time there and fancy a wander.

gonna go to ikea I think

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There’s a decent second-hand bookshop on Coldharbour Lane - called Bookmongers - and, as a beer wanker, I’m contractually obliged to mention Ghost Whale, which has an excellent range of beers.