Sunday Sensations

How you feelin’ huns?

Another lovely day of walks and mooching and pizza round here. :sun_with_face:


You beat me to it!

I’m hungover, met @CillaCrack for a pint at 7 and didn’t go home till 2

Got to do a bit of work at some point


About to head into work. Fell asleep at 2am, up at 5.45. I’m fucked.

Ooof…great minds though innit??

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Morning lovely Slicky :heart:

Up with a cup of tea waiting to join a zoom for my friends talk. I’m very excited. It’s about the Danse Macabre.

Then going to get washed, dressed and pop along to get some paint samples then pick up my curtains I bought yesterday.

Sigh, annoyingly got a load of work to do this evening. Do not want. Will maybe try and squeeze in a film before or after.

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Uhoh. Do you have to work tomorrow and all??

Do hit me up if you fancy a NT wander with the kids and the dog sometime xx

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Yep. Working tomorrow :upside_down_face:. Probably not realistically free until October now because September is a rota/parenting/childcare nightmare

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Morning all!

I’m listening to Jamz Supernova while I graze through some breakfast and try to catch up on housework I didn’t do yesterday.

I’m going grocery shopping in a bit because it’s my turn to cook this week and there is limited food available in the house.

I’m doing some work this afternoon and hopefully some computer games.

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Just had the strongest coffee in the history of the world. Lying in bed listening to Tiny Ruins. Don’t have to be anywhere until 7am on Tuesday. Probably go for a walk in a bit, watch Forest v Spurs, read, might get a curry.


In a little cafe called Starbucks. Taking kids to a playpark and then off to Kew Gardens. Kind of dreading it and looking forward to it in equal measure.



Have already had an entire pot of coffee but I still feel I could drop straight back to sleep. Not allowed.

My brother and niece are visiting today to meet the baby, which I’m looking forward to, but means I need to tidy up quite a bit.

Hoping to also be on the :pizza: :steam_locomotive: later!

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Off to a wedding. Was only going to the night but there’s been last minute drop outs so I’m full day now.
I’m running late


I’ve only got three full days in France left. I’ll have been away for three weeks by the time I get back. The dread is off the scale already.

Going to have a chill day - sitting on our sunny terrace, reading, eating and drinking (coffee - for now).


I am also off to a wedding. My brothers!

Looks sunny but I’m feeling ever so slightly under the weather


Might go see nope. Might also go for a walk and a peruse of a record shop

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Esports grand final is underway, so that’s me sorted for at least the next couple of hours, maybe more.

That’s all.

“I hope your speech is good - the original best man said they were the scariest crowd he’d ever seen and couldn’t face telling that story about the time the groom shit himself in Blockbuster. He left in a structure of levels placed on top of one another.”

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I’d love to have to give a speech of the cuff tbh :grinning:

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Off to a one day festival innit - managed to snag a free VIP pass (apparently, if the guy shows up) so that’s a big plus

Will make a donation to the charity sponsoring the event though, so I don’t feel like a total cad

8 hours hanging around about 10 mins from the airport though, what an odd Sunday activity