Sunday, Spring forward

How many clocks have you had to change?
Front room
Watches x 3
Cars x 2

Got to do a job application and a load of washing today. Better get a move on.

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0 so far. Will change clock in the kitchen and the clock on the cooker but thats about it.

Just lying in bed watching cricket. Gonna get up for some cornflakes soon and earl Grey soon.

1x kitchen clock
1x oven clock

Very little sleep again and feel constantly on the verge of a panic attack due to moving/life dread. Work at 11.30 then more packing and job hunting. Fucking hell I’m a right miserable sounding prick at the moment.

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Sunday league in a bit. Playing a team who completely lost it when we beat them earlier in the season, lad got sent off after the March for threatening to deck the referee, so could be an interesting one

Really looking forward to when we leave the EU and stop having to lose an hour of sleep every spring.


This “joke” seemed funnier when I was woken up by a load of birds (avian) at 5.30/4.30.

I’m going to bed

Morning slicky et al. Don’t have to change any clocks because the only one I’d need to do manually (central heating) is now back to the right time :grinning:

Going out for a Sunday roast later otherwise I’ll be continuing to pack up my house.


So tired.

I’m going to have a full lazy day with some cooking. What nice things can I make pls? (Vegan only)

Can you get vegan puff pastry? If so make a lentil pie.
Garlic, Red pepper, onion, celery sautéed, add chillies, tomato puree and a spoonful of marmite if you want. Chuck in a load of lentils and veg stock, simmer it until the lentils are cooked and it’s all thick. Put the mix between 2 sheets of puff pastry and crimp it so it looks like an oversized greggs slice. Oven for 35 minutes or so


Morning all!

I only change my watch - one of the clocks in the car is wrong six months a year. Edit - the clock in the kitchen is wrong and needs to be changed.

General house admin today along with a bit of marking I forgot to do last week. Hopefully I’ll have time for some HZD.

Might be making butternut squash and ricotta pasties later.

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I am really quite hungover.
I have to change my bedside table clock (do I really need this anymore? probably not), kitchen clock, car clock and my work van clock on Monday morning. Yay.

Went to lots of different places yesterday including the Wes Anderson exhibition and Temple of Seitan for a lovely vegan chicken parma burger. Great day, totally worth the hangover.
Going for a run and then Sunday lunch later.
Bed tea #2 is most definitely required first though


Morning :wave: :sleeping:

I need to change all six of my watches and the oven clock.

Yesterday I accidentally bought a polka dot trouser suit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Red pepper and lentil curry with loads of fresh chillies and tomatoes and garlic and lemon juice and grated coconut.

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Morning. No clocks for me. No plans today but got a bit of a cold. Gonna have breakfast and coffee and see what takes my fancy.

Ooh still got SCHXB - might be worth getting out of bed for



I was thinking of a pie! Might just do that then

today I’m going to be a guitarist


2 clocks for me. Yorkshire is beautiful this morning. Perfect climbing conditions.