Sunday Sunday Here Again

Any walks in the park planned?

I will be picking my kids up in an hour. Homework, food and hopefully an early night. Need to discuss whether they want to go camping later in the summer.

Others of you must have plans. Hungover? Or fresh as a newly shorn lamb?


I’m okay as long as I don’t move my head too quickly or in certain directions.

Fenino was excellent: topped off with a train rendition of The Impression That I Get by @sadpunk, Mrs Warn and I while @thewarn slept (or at least pretended to)


I’m off to lose not one, but TWO bike races. YAY WOO.

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Going to the cx race over cheesefoot head way?

Have to go back into town this morning as when I went in yesterday I got to a till to pay for something and realised I didn’t have my purse. :rage:

Going for a Sunday lunch this afternoon at a posh place I’ve never been before, may or may not cycle there.

Finally, need to go out for a run tonight as I haven’t been for three days.

Hoping it stays dry today.


Off on a bike ride in a bit - trying out some new tyres . Exciting

Bought myself a new turntable for the kitchen (!) Yesterday. Just have to wait for the speakers to arrive, then project kitchen vinyl is go

Checked out @Severed799 and his band last night. They were ace. Hung around for a bit as there was a chance of getting a spare great escape wristband from someone, but it didn’t come through so I went home and fell asleep on the sofa.

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hungover. drank some coffee and had a couple ibuprofen :pill::pill::pill: working in 2 and a bit hours.

hoyed this album on before on the basis of a Gilles Peterson endorsement - well good

shit I woke up late!

Feel a bit delicate for some reason. Must have been the sushi I had for lunch.


Is that a giant bottle of water and some plastic cups I see there? Sensible! I’m already planning my escape route for the Glasgow meet. There is an 11:30 train, if I’m not on that train then :scream: it’s the night bus for me and that’s bad, very very bad.

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Eva’s first birthday party was a roaring success despite 50 people being there and a biblical downpour attempting to throw things off course. Waaaay overdid the booze order but it’s sale or return at majestic so :+1::+1::+1::+1: also world’s shittest party tent stayed up and kept us dry.

Kind of hanging today but the kettle’s just broken so I reckon that’ll force us out, gonna try and crowbar some lunch in the excursion too. Still got another day off on Monday, reeeeesult.


Looks a nice day.

Going to take the dog for a nice walk along the beach probably. It’s his birthday today!

Happy Birthday Elthamsdogharry! 13 today.


Have you seen the forecast for this week? Proper naughty

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My head hurts in a very metaphorical and literal way. Wedding I was at yesterday had a cymbal suspended from the ceiling so I kept adding percussion to songs that really didn’t need it, specifically The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches.


Need to clean room. Should I chuck out all my uni notes now that I’ve finished? What if I need them?

Had awful dreams last night about having my teeth pulled out :persevere: having eggs and coffee and watching seinfeld. Gonna go to the gym in a bit and try to get some good naps in today ahead of four hour twin peaks fest tonight!!!


I am excite.

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I’m going to stay in bed a while.


Currently drinking tea before heading out for a walk in the countryside, hopefully at least eight miles. Did four yesterday.

I really want to start upping how much I walk considering I sit at a desk all day.