Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday

Morning everyone,
Fell asleep on the sofa watching MotD last night. Standard. Just picking up where I left off with the repeat. Also standard.

How is it going though? Tell me about your breakfasts, about your plans, your hopes.

Nice. A mate from work took Friday off to play that (or some kind of computer game with war in the title, I assume it’s the same one). Well, he said he took it off to pack before moving but I should imagine he’s been sat in his pants all weekend surrounded by empty cardboard boxes.

Is everyone broken?

Time for second breakfast.

Absolutely hanging again

Feel weirdly hungover / broken despite having only drank moderately last night. I did have white wine followed by red, but I always thought that whole mixing drinks thing was a load of balls (it’s all alcohol!)

Not sure what today holds. It looks pretty dull out there

Some combinations really catch me out. Obviously I don’t remember which combinations. And wine can definitely be a real dick.

I fancy roast pork.

Mmm crackling ~~ droooooool ~~

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Yesssss omg :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

GWS, jazzyjazzbal

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G’morn. Slept in til almost 10!!! That’s pretty much unheard of for me. About to have eggs, toaste and cwoffee. Was gonna go out for a wall but the weather looks a bit iffy. Hmm.

Build it yourself or pre-made?

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hungover to fuck. got absolutely destroyed on Friday night, slept pretty much all day yesterday and still hungover. jeesus

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Pancakes. Coffee. Strepsils.


Morning, Nick Cave was fantastic last night but I’m well tired this am

Just had eggs, mushrooms toast and coffee

Should ride my bike but it’s soggy out there

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Alexei sayle was decent.

There aren’t any suitable breakfast-themed food items in the house…so I’m just staying in bed until it’s acceptable to have lunch. Is 11 okay?

About to do brunch. Tofu scramble then pancakes. :muscle:

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Bacon and egg sandwiches with coffee.

Wor Lass is taking the baby out this afternoon so I’ve got a bit of marking and planning to clear before I can watch NFL or play computer games.