Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Good morning DiS,

How did you all spend your extra hour from the clocks going back? Wasted by going to sleep very late and doing 1-2am twice? Enjoying an extra hour in bed with no consequences to the rest of your day? Awake with small humans who have no concept of the treat of extra sleep? Or, my personal strategy, waking up an hour before you need to be up and being annoyed you weren’t sleeping longer?

Plans, breakfast details, general musings all welcome. Enjoy your Sundays folks :slightly_smiling_face:

I forgot, just realised it’s 5 to 8 not 5 to 9.

Having my breakfast , should go out on my bike but might just play Mario

Forgot about that! Wondered why it was easy getting up this morn. Gonna grab myself a pret misery breakfast and do a day of recording.

Really enjoyed getting a bonus extra hour of sleep. We should do this every Sunday.


Spent the hour working out how to change the time on my oven.

Nah feel super fresh. Didn’t drink last night. Not on purpose, went to a BYOB eatery without any B then was running late for the cinema so didn’t have time for booze. Then was too tired after the film (felt like it lasted 2049 years).

Plan is: breakfast (porridge/coffee), little bit of work so I don’t have as much to do tomorrow, should probably go for a run, might finish this Beckett book and get another from the library, might buy some ale.

Got to put together a fucking massive IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers today. Not looking forward to it.

Also need to get new bike parts. Can’t be arsed. Too much to do.


This :cry:

As reported in the clock change thread, I actually got an extra hour’s sleep! I still woke up at 7 but that’s the time the girls tend to wake me up on a weekend morning anyway.

I sat up in bed restringing my guitar.

@anon89873996 I’m still in bed in our caravan, the weather was supposed to be nice today but it still sounds and feels very stormy. Will probably have some porridge although I’ve spotted square sausage in the fridge then there will be a walk along the beach to a castle.

@ericthefourth life is too short to eat misery food on a Sunday. What’s misery about Pret anyway?

@plasticniki I have these chest of drawers - what percentage of the country do not actually have these drawers I wonder?

Morning all!

My body actually made use of the extra hour in bed today, which is pleasing because I usually just wake up at the same time and can’t get back to sleep making the whole extra hour thing completely pointless.

Going to do some exercise this morning, maybe make some droning noise for a bit, then catching up with a few ATDs this afternoon for a few beers and some laughs, which should be great.

Also, look at this lovely tree I saw yesterday

Autumn is nice isn’t it?


morning DiS

had to check my watch before I was sure what the time was. never trust my phone with clock changes.

not much on today. have to drive to oxford which I really cba with

Lots of good podcasts is the way to get through it. And a stop at Teebs, obviously.

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Also got diddy ones for next to the bed. Replacing some Malm stuff which doesn’t go with our floor.

How long u in Oxford 4 hun?

Love white furnitute in the bedroom so hemmes is perfect :heart:

Idk i’ll just grab a breakfast roll on my way or something. Far worse things i’m sure but didnt have time to cook something proper as a sunday surely calls for. My last day in my studio today though so will have my weekends back from next week.

I’m a lil hungover. Went to pub with friend last night and had all the beer and emotional spillage.

Going to chill out big time today as I’ve got an awful day at work tomorrow

After going out on the razz I slept from more or less 5pm til now, so didn’t really feel much difference. The earlier sunsets though will undoubtedly depress me very quickly.

Slept like a log, absolutely shattered, even with the extra hour. No plans really, but picked up my fiancée’s grotty cold. Feel ill, yay.

I went for porridge too, could have had a bacon sandwich but that would have meant a two hour wait after waking and sod that.

Also, I agree with you that white bedroom furniture is cool, though I seem to have gradually had my room taken over by Malm…

Beach walk to a castle sounds great, I hope the weather turns out alright for it :+1:

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