Sunday Sunday Sunday


Going to bed in a second. Tell me about your plans for the day so I have something to read in a couple of hours.

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Laundry. Nap. Petting my housemate’s cat. Nap. Ironing. Nap. Wash dishes. Bedtime!


Just arrived at prestwick airport. The only food the cafe is selling is toast.
Think I’m the only person here not on the swally. :laughing:

If you can’t beat them etc. Two rounds of buttered white toast, two pints of Tennants. Breakfast of Kings.


Up, feeding the dog, and going to be on the road in about 20 mins. Heading up to Holy Island/Lindisfarne for the morning to do some full on birdwatching. Giddy like a small child.

Need to do a load of work, ironing, and house moving paperwork when i come home, but that’s this afternoon’s headache. Also need to walk a pal’s dog as he’s doing the GNR.

Not sure what foods will be eaten, naturally I’ll be posting in the correct thread, but we seem to be in the period of the year where my neighbour gives me surplus from his allotment. This week I’ve had 3 large beetroots, some chillis, and a fucking huge pile of tomatoes. Lovely job.


If I wasn’t driving at the other end I’d totally be joining them :grinning::weary:

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Off anywhere fun? Turks&Caicos?

Woke up with a bout of the Brad Pitts and the sniffles, so my plans for the day might have to be shelved. Was going to go and watch a heist film called The Score but reading a review this morning it’s actually a musical, ffs. A very near miss that. Twelve hours of sport on the box, I guess. Started reading a football book called The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro which is pretttty, pretty good. Got a big shop coming at 8:30pm. Might tidy the garage.

Mallorca :slightly_smiling_face:


Morning all. Am lying in bed and everything aches!

Yesterday was taken up with more rabbit enclosure work. I think I mentioned that that the animal sanctuary weren’t happy with the set-up I’d made… Well we’ve had a bit of back and forth with them all week and eventually made the call to buy a second hand playhouse and to attach that to the enclosure.

So yesterday morning we went out to Wisbech, the four of us, thinking that I could put one of the seats down and put this playhouse in the car with everyone else in.

Anyway they’d got the measurements wrong in the advert and it was about a foot bigger. So then I had to drive back (about 30 minutes) with loads of bit of dismantled playhouse hanging from the boot, secure only by a couple of bungees. Proper heart in mouth stuff, hoping we don’t get pulled over or end up stranded on the A47. We got home safely.

Then yesterday afternoon it was basically a race against time to remove the old hutch, cut a hole in the playhouse, attach that little tunnel and build the rest of the house around it. Oh and to go to Wickes for paving slabs for it to sit on. And I managed to just about get it watertight (there are a few bits of trim I need to fit) before making the pizzas for the girls’ film night.

So between the mental exhaustion of worrying about whether this was all going to work (and whether I was going to be pulled over for having an unsafe load - though there were bungee ropes round it) and the physical exhaustion of lugging paving slabs and big sheets of wood, I’m a bit worn out. I’ve got a few bits of trim to finish today and if the animal sanctuary don’t like it, I’ll go elsewhere.


Swedish elections today

Gonna have some breakfast & then go & vote

The rest of the day is as yet undecided

Friend’s 30th yesterday. Then the kiddo slept 6hrs straight for the first time in WEEKS.

Off to baby swim school and then to meet a bunch of friends with babies. Could be good or awful depending on if we meet somewhere that has beer.

Did anyone see WWTBAM last night? Been getting back into it recently. One of the best episodes ever. Young lad on it who was shit-hot, knew everything, had most of his lifelines left on the £64k question and trusted the audience who got it wrong.

Then this happened, and I’m still laughing…


At this point i feel like the next step is the rabbits taking the house and you and the family will live in the enclosure


PACT would still want me to rabbit-proof the indoors beforehand though


Anglos a Sunday, Consorts :croissant:

Got to go to work havent I.

Had a lengthy dream about paying £65 for two rounds of toast.

Fig has got under the duvet again and I realise this is how he declares it Autumn, like a little groundhog ceremony of some sort…but I’m still not convinced. Maybe on the 3rd day of doing it I’ll concede :fallen_leaf:

And on the 3rd slipping under the duvet, the siamese goblin yowled and thus summoned the Autumn Vibe


Off to play tennis. Later pick up a random t shirt off gumtree. Then maybe piss about at John Lewis etc
Both my cats have gone off their food for last few days. Barely eating anything, even when giving them tuna. Very odd. Especially because it’s both of them……Probs need to take to vet on Monday.

Morning sunshines

Going to have to do a bit of work, go for a walk, cook some dinner, watch some nonsense telly.

That’s it really.

My stye seems to have gone overnight so that’s good


Still in bed. Really want to go out and have a look at the art in town that I didn’t get to see yesterday. Not sure I can be arsed tbh. And I have a bunch of ironing to do.

Nobody benefits from ironing - don’t do it!