Sunday? Sunday

Morning kids

How we all doing?

I’ve been out for a swim and walk, and now I’m gonna spend the rest of the day doing fuck all. Has been a fun but busy week.

Rocket League awaits.

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I should get up to tidy the place as I have some atds coming over later. Might go back to sleep instead. Yeah!


I have two really massive gnat bites on my leg and all I want to do is scratch them or like, get an apple/potato corer and dig it out of my leg

Mate I’m absolutely raging.

For one thing, I’m awake and I dont need to be. For two I had half a pizza and a tupperware of carbonara that I left behind my mates DJ booth :sob::sob::sob::sob: was so excited to have that for breakfast :weary::cry:

Have a lovely Sunday everyone x


Off to work in a minute. Gonna be fucking busy and I’ve got loads to do. Going to apply for a job in the library later and eat some chicken.

NO! omg I’m so sorry for your loss, rip in peace pizza and tub of carbonara xxx


Forgetthi Carbonara



Getting ready to go to that there London Town to watch some wrestling at the electric ballroom later. Can’t wait!

Recommendations for things to do in Camden? Got a few hours to kill beforehand.

I’m absolutely gutted

I’m begging my Italian flatmate to make me carbonara this week. I made her scotch pancakes the other day so I figure that’s a fair trade, right?


Why do we even exist?!

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Cba getting out of bed but really want a pot of coffee. What a conundrum.

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They were almost inedible

Oh. No then.

How can you fuck up pancakes?!

I am terrible in the kitchen. Being a clumsy oaf doesn’t translate well to the kitchen.


Just had a full English. Off for a last ride in Wales soon before driving back to B Town

Didn’t sleep well. There was a band playing at the pub down the road who went on for ages. Bizarrely, they played Merry Xmas Everybody. Twice.


I don’t want to talk about it😭