Sunday, Sunday



How is everyone on this lovely Sunday Morning?

I’m listening to Sleater Kinney and eating porridge. Leaving the flat shortly to browse the shops and will probably end up watching the football in some pub.

What are you up to?



Catching up with last night’s UFC action, drinking tea.
Held a baby for the first time ever this morning helping out a neighbour :scream:


got a headache feeling a bit woozy altogether, not even a hangover just rough which is annoying.

Going to see my sister’s new baby later - woohoo! Thinking of going to atomic burger for fun before

Got to sort out xmas lists/do some shopping, watch Ronnie in the snooker etc and all that palaver in the meantime though


anglos a sunday


Need to apply for a job today. I’ve semi-rewritten my cv. i hate cvs. Will probably get half way through the application and give up


Working 12-6 it’s a nice day


Hey all. Still feel rough. Looks a nice day out there, so probably go for a walk.


@DollyParton :melon: :melon:


Were you up to the baby holding task?



Fell off a bike, just had a bath, going to the footie. There was something else I was going to report but I’ve forgotten. SUNDAY.


I didn’t drop it and it didn’t cry 8/10 :sweat_smile:


I need to do this too but I’m putting it off for at least another day…

Good luck! Hope you complete at least one!


How’s the bike? and you?


A resounding success :grinning:


Is this when Im meant to start feeling broody… :hushed:


Oh all good, was a CX race so falling off expected. Think I scraped a top 15.



Oooooh :thumbsup:


Anglos all,

Lovely day up here, gonna kick about and read the papers, off to sleazys later for lemon twigs, can’t wait :slight_smile: