Sunday Sunshiiiiine

Morning lovelies

Supposed to be going for a NT walk but it is rather cold out so we will see.

Other than that it’s bit of work, bit of football and making a pie which wasn’t made yesterday due to a lack of leeks.

What’s up with you?




Rick Astley was a guest singer at the gig I was at last night :smiley:


How was it? You’re up early!



You were at the Anaal Nathrakh gig too then?


Off to see Encanto. Pray that I can get a chai before it starts (chose the cinema based on proximity to chai stop but we’re running a bit late).

cinema this early? :scream:

Dogs have had a good play in the snow but Sascha is already in a hug because he wants to go back out :unamused:

Just going to try and ignore him but it’s difficult because he comes and sits directly in front of me staring into my eyes and making huffing and grumbling noises.


It was actually amazing, the whole production of it was really great. In bits now though, flying back at 12. :weary:

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10am showing (its a kids film) Ends in time for lunch and hopefully in time to get out of town again before it gets too busy.

Morning! Good sleep and it’s beautiful out.

Got a morning of cleaning and cooking before we have guests and kids dropping in this afternoon. If the weather stays dry we’ll go on a walk and see some horses and then come back for lunch.

Feeling a lot better today, but it’s a fairly low bar (yesterday was the illest that I have ever felt).

Another day of movies and board games, whilst the dogs give us sad eyes because they’re not being walked.


Fuck that eh.

Morning! I’m still a bit fuzzy around the edges after the Saint Etienne gig (and after party) last night. Amazing gig though - best I’ve seen them in years. Thankfully I was slowed a bit of a lie in.

Zero plans for the day. Maybe we’ll wrap up warm up warm and see the outside at some point.

Yesterday was the last day of my wife’s isolation, so we’ll head out for a walk and lunch I think. Something nice for tea as well as this is probably my last weekend off before Christmas


Sfucking freezing

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Couldn’t think of a good reason to get out of bed today. Good thing I got hungry.


Partly only posted this because I thought instagram was embedding again, nvm

Good morning!

It is very sunny and very cold. It looks like a lovely day for a bike ride but reckon it could be a bit icy out there, so fuck that.

Instead it will be a dog walk followed by computer games.

Making a veg stew for dinner. Although it’s being done in the slow cooker, so it actually went on about half an hour ago.