🍳 Sunday Sustenance 30-05-2021 β˜•

Salutations, friends!

What are you having for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and tea?
Are you making pudding? Are you baking a cake?

I hope you all have a delicious day :blush:



Morning @Gnometorious :wave:

I had cherries and dark chocolate in my porridge this morning.
A friend gave me a huge bag of walnuts from the tree in his garden so I’m going to bake a coffee and walnut cake and some walnut scones that I’ll serve with goats cheese and fig jam.
Dinner will be a roast unless it’s too hot, in which case I’ll have a salad.

What are you having?



I had a croissant and an oykos strawberry yogurt for breakfast, with fresh coffee and some orange juice with bits.

I’ve got some left over dominos cookies from last night, so might have them in a bit too. :smiley:
Lunch I won’t have today.

Tea will be BBQ round the in-laws :slight_smile:

Have a delicious day too!

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Might get a Local Indian. Bank holiday, after all.



We were going to go out shopping and get lunch out somewhere, however that has changed so the current running order is

Breakfast - pain au raisin

Lunch - cheese and onion baguette

Dinner - tbc

Eating leftover pizza and watching jurassic Park living my best hungover life


Breakfast - asparagus, roasted cherry toms, halloumi, sourdough.

Lunch - tbc

Dinner - going to give this a go:


The Best Yoghurts!

strawberry is the worst fruit flavour for yoghurts tho, sorry :wink:

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Yes! They are the best right. Sooo creamy. On offer in ASDA atm so I’ve stocked up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Got strawberry and the peach ones.

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Fenugreek mehti roti with shards of white porcelain, served on an authentic kitchen floor


Had a giant crumpet again (just Naturli vutter today)

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I’m more of roti side up kind of guy

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Oh Hoogy! Oh dear :slightly_frowning_face: I hope you have some emergency food you can rustle up a replacement brunch with…

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I’ve never had chocolate porridge! I love chocolatey flapjacks so why wouldn’t I like chocolate porridge :thinking:

I’m not sure yet, we’re going to the park with a friend this afternoon and then planning on having dinner out, but haven’t decided where.
Just had this substantial breakfast @avery kindly made us, with a big dollop of aoili

And 2 oreos with a :coffee: for breakfast pudding


Got some fancy vgn sausage rolls (one cameralised onion and one chorizoy) and cake (one peanut butter caramel short bread thing, one blueberry bakewell)at a market yesterday so gonna take those to the community garden for lunch


Excellent picnicing, Unlucky :yum:

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@plasticniki ng

Picverynicing, imo


Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.

Going to Hispi did Sunday lunch at 3. There will be cocktails, starters, wine, roasts, deserts and aperitifs.

Christ knows this evening, expext to be asleep by a 8

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