Sunday, the fourth Sunday of advent

Morning all!

How are you all? Slept well? Hope your hangovers etc aren’t too bad and that you have good days ahead of you.

Plans: carolling, pub lunch, walk in the woods. Gonna try to make peanut brittle and fudge later this afternoon but I seriously messed it up the last time it tried (to the extent that the recipe sheets I have are all crumpled from when I threw them in a bin in a huff :upside_down_face:).

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone :slight_smile:


I was woken up by some prick in my building sitting in his car, outside my bedroom window, at 6am, blasting his music with the car window open. NOT A HAPPY HOUSEHOLD.

I’m being productive though. I’ve put on my dry run of nigella coke ham, done some washing then gonna finish my dress and go for a run :+1:t2:


Goddamn those are two strong opening posts to try to follow :muscle: Good work guys!

An exciting day of driving (being driven) south for approx 450 miles, then a birthday dinner for my aunt at River Cottage - can’t remember my menu so forgot to post it in the thread!

Travelling loads over the holidays which I’m not super into, but all for good reasons and get to see all the cousins and nieces and nephews over this week :slight_smile:


Bloody love a bit of Nigella Coke Ham (don’t start, @profk)


Anglos CCB et al. I’m at the airport en route to New York then Costa Rica. Think it’s a 21 hour journey all in. Looking forward to watching some shit films on the plane.


Anglos! No plans today :slight_smile:

Safe travels to anyone on the move today.

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Need to get some Guylian

Go to Lidl and get their version for less than half price

Sofa tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
MotD :twisted_rightwards_arrows::record_button::twisted_rightwards_arrows:
Bagels :repeat_one::repeat_one:
Haircut :hash::put_litter_in_its_place:
Shower :arrow_heading_down::new:

Going to drive home tomorrow morning instead of today now.
My friend is singing in a choir today at the NHM so should probably pop along :restroom::restroom::signal_strength::restroom::restroom:


Happy Sunday all! In bed, drinking coffee and watching the (very funny) Harry Hill Movie. Got triple gym later including a festive spin class, need to get some Christmassy fancy dress sorted for that :christmas_tree::mrs_claus:

Triple gym?!

Sounds ridiculous but works out at around two hours of classes, I love it! PS have an amazing trip :palm_tree::sun_with_face:

Nah sounds good! As long as you survive :smiley:

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Mad jels of @laelfy have super fun!!

Up, going to do children’s liturgy then it’s Aldi maybe out for a walk if I can drag the kids and mrS away from the sofa and then who knows…maybe a festive film.

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Woah. I never knew about this. Feel like this post will be life changing for me. Thanks



I was up most of the night being not very well.

Luckily I can just chill out today. Oh hang on, no, I’m taking my youngest to athletics club this morning, and we’re going to the panto this afternoon.

Coffee is my only hope.

Life changing in that you will eat a lot lot more

Neutral Hotel Milk?


4hrs down, 7 to go. Looking forward to having cottage pie for tea. Gonna grab a cuppa in a minute.