Sunday - the last before Advent!

Still not feeling fully better which is SO annoying. I am terrible at being poorly. Sleeping hours and hours and still just bleurgh.

Anyway, off to church and then it’s doing some work and maybe go for a little wander somewhere. Guess there’s a big match on somewhere.

Going to do a full of veg dinner to see if that helps.

How about you lovelies?


Not at work today, and everybody else in my house has Covid, so I want to avoid them as much as possible (while still being a loving and caring husband and father of course). Perhaps I will take myself to the cinema to watch Dune (2021) again, although we have no car, as the MOT was due last week but we had to cancel as Mrs MLH was isolating and I was working, and there’s no fresh slot until early December. Never mind, this too will pass.

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Hey. On impromptu nights tonight and tomorrow night, so lounging in bed at the moment. Will get up and do something with the kids, but first, a covid test awaits


Pretty hungover but absolutely buzzing from Self Esteem last night - I can’t get over how good it was. Amazing wind machine work

No plans, hopefully I’ll get inspired to do something interesting


Got a sore throat :weary:

Had a weirdly exhausting weekend of family visiting. Probably should do a Covid test before the pop round one last time but I’m currently trapped by a sleeping baby :grimacing:

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Didn’t do any of the jobs I was meant to do around the house yesterday due to feeling like shit so going to have a full-on day today and get some things done. Might try and get out for a walk as well.

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It’s a good sunny cold day!


Tired and hungover

Regretting booking the early showing of dune.

Morning all

Woke up with a headache today, which is unjust: I drank plenty of fluids yesterday and had the sum total of one gin and tonic yesterday evening. What gives? Anyway, today’s plans: go for lunch somewhere (in initial celebration of job/house stuff), go for a walk in the woods, that’s probably about it. It’s raining at the moment though, so just going to drink tea and put a record on (alright, Justine Frischmann)

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I’ve got a hospital appointment to see an audiologist, also got a bad back.

I’m falling apart.

Morning folks

One of those nice cold, sunny mornings here too.

Don’t think I’m doing much today. Going to take the dog for a walk in a bit and need to pick something up from Argos/Sainsbo’s but that’s about it.

It’s OK, it’s a really quiet film :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Youngest is covered in red spots. Looks like it’s chicken pox. May as well bring the plague into this house


Moving to lisbon today aren’t I, fuck me


People can try but you’ll be cutting it fine

post us some nata please

(good luck)


Woe is you (you know like Woe is Me off The Walkmen album ‘Lisbon’)

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Quite enjoy reading Mark Lamarr having music conversations with people on Twitter

Have a nice new life but please never forget who you are x


Leftover sushi and instant coffee for breakfast. living the dream