Sunday - the last before Advent!

Wish I was moving to Lisbon tbh


Same. Let’s all go live with Mert.


You’re all welcome any time

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Mum is cooking a roast and stepdad’s uncle is coming over as a pre-mama Ding birthday celebration. I foresee drinking lots of port and playing scrabble


Morning all!

Had lovely drinks in Edinburgh with the best of their DiSers yesterday but got to bed way too late after eating too much and not drinking enough fluids before bed.

Woke up dehydrated at 4 and didn’t really get back to sleep until about 7. I don’t feel awful now but I don’t think I’ll be staying up late tonight.

I might go to the supermarket in a bit to restock some vegetables.

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Morning, been trying to finish this book since about 9am, kindle tells me I’m only 30 mins from the finish line.

Might like to go for a walk today.

Making gumbo for dinner later, excited about it.


Oh good god I think I’m dying. Managed to polish off half a bottle of gin last night. I feel awful.


:+1: at the centre for my boosterino
:+1: absolutely ruined the quiz night yesterday and we won because of my knowledge of Marvel characters, Twister, Malory Towers and Roald Dahl, as well as my domineering approach to answering ‘What is healthier: an English muffin or a croissant?’ (I overruled everyone else). Even though my mum is a quiz demon and almost always wins the quiz for the teams she plays with.

:-1: one of my best friends who I am fiercely protective of got punched outside his flat last night, I’m not sure if it’s a hate crime :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: he’s the only friend who’s been making any time for me lately (and he’s super busy all the time so it’s particularly meaningful)
:-1: no plans for the rest of the day, as usual

Lovely morning


Bagels, coffee and curb for breakfast :ok_hand: having a lovely snuggly morning. Seems like it’s freezing outside, not in a rush to go out there but need to do some boring homework later and sort my life out. Starting new job tomorrow. Wahhh. Dont want a job imo.

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Also, it’s been bugging me…

Sunday - the last before Advent!

Does this mean we’re being short changed by our advent calendars?

Ugh hate looking back at drunk texts. Got the fear even though the worst I said was “I’m here for you, even if you don’t want me to be.”

Youngest daughter has just tested positive for covid (the rest of us are still negative, for now at least). She’s absolutely distraught / terrified. Fuck today.

GWS. There seem to be a lot of families on the boards that are getting it now :grimacing:
What is wild to me is that it has run rife in my kid’s class, but then few people within that kid’s household seem to get it, how?! we are all on top of each other.
Have completely jinxed myself now, haven’ I?


Will a booze help rid me of this hangover???

Well no. Advent is December on a countdown style calendar but it’s also the 4 Sundays before Christmas…as in the wreath with the candles so officially starts next Sunday.

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Morning DiS,

So far I’ve done junior ParkRun (no personal best this week because Jimbo’s tracky bottoms were falling down), and edited my Self Esteem photos. This afternoon I’ve go and see the sheep in Wild Park.

Lovely day for it though, eh?

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I bought cooking scales recently and all I use them for is weighing my rats


After the chaos of the wee man’s party yesterday, today has been him opening the ones he didn’t get round to yesterday… there were too many.

Also using this as an opportunity to chuck some of his old toys - sometimes with his consent and other times when he’s not looking. Feels so wasteful but not really sure many charity shops will take much of this stuff but we’ll see what we can do.

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