Sunday: The Threadening

It isn’t Saturday anymore, get out of that thread.

Reading Neuromancer in the staff room because the person I’m working with today will probably be in bed until about 10.30. Could be a lot worse. Taking them swimming later too which means a sit in the sauna as well. Sunnnnnndaaaaaaay.

Wbu hun?

I’m surprisingly not hungover from last night, which is nice.

I’m going to Crystal Palace v Hull City soon and then I’m off to my parents for a Sunday roast.


going to get some breakfast as soon as i cba getting up. not sure what to have.

My bread was mouldy this morning so I made a massive bowl of porridge with banana, coconut oil, and peanut butter. Heavily recommended.

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hate it when you’re really looking forward to some toast and you find the bread’s gone mouldy.

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Meant to be racing my bike today but I sacked it off cos I think I have an eye infection or something so just wondering whether or not to go to the eye hospital :thinking:

This is the greatest day of my life



What’s happening here?!

:pray: hope your Sunday improves drastically

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doesn’t feel like I should go, cos it doesn’t feel like an emergency, but I dunno what else to do, you know?

Morning all!

I’ve had a cooked breakfast and a coffee.

Call 111? They’ll probably tell you to go to the hospital and then you won’t feel like a timewaster. That’s my tactic whenever I feel funny about going to the doctor, anyway!

No intention of leaving the flat or my underpants today.

My impulse purchase of a horse head squirrel feeder paying off handsomely, is what.

yeah they’ve told me to go, phew

really hope my boyfriend has taken his keys out with him :confused:

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Hi, it’s sunny back in Glasgow, might attempt a football game later, then a pal’s gig

If you go to a pharmacy they can give you a creme that you stick in your eye (if you’re not too squeamish!). feels a bit weird but it works.

I’m going shopping. Chances of me coming home almost empty handed are quite high because that’s what usually happens. Chances I’ll remember to stop at the supermarket on the way back to buy the milk my boyfriend asked me to get, and then forget to buy milk, are even higher.

@plasticniki hope your eye is ok!

Went to a black tie thing last night that I really couldn’t be arsed with, turned out to be a top night and I’m now suffering with my first hangover for quite a while.

Could really go some nice eggs on toast right now.