Sunday Thead

Morning all!

I’m not normally up at this time on Sunday but Wor Lass did the early morning yesterday and this is, apparently, ‘fair’.

I’ve spent ten minutes trying to reset passwords for the ITV player so I can watch NFL, only fot the hub to have a fault and refuse to play anything. I’m currently watching MOTD on iplayer while The Child makes dragons or something on the tablet.

She’s swimming this afternoon and then a friend is bringing her new baby round.

I’m defrosting some pork chops and pork skin from the freezer. There will hopefully be some airfryer crackling to show photos of later.

How about you?

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Morning all :wave:

It’s incredibly misty and cold this morning. View out of the bedroom window is very post-rock

Eldest is at a drama rehearsal again today so I’ve got the youngest for the day. Going to play some board games and stuff.

Am grateful to you @keith for getting the morning thread in nice and early so I can post the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: before sunrise.

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:55 16:24 08:28:54 +2:58
London 07:52 16:31 08:39:03 +2:49
Glasgow 08:28 16:28 08:00:19 +3:27
Manchester 08:09 16:32 08:22:44 +3:04
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:02 16:50 08:48:15 +2:40
Newcastle 08:13 16:22 08:08:58 +3:18
Cardiff 08:04 16:44 08:39:16 +2:48
Belfast 08:29 16:41 08:12:37 +3:15

Well done to :scotland: Glasgow :scotland: for smashing the 8 hour mark!


Oh, huh? I need to check STV player then.

Morning everyone. Today is busy, going to see my parents this morning, some McGhees rolls for lunch, and then a playdate at my pals with the kids.

Got laundry on, going to have a shower, and just having a coffee. Minor dread creeping in for the week ahead, but not for work, but for mortgage and house shit. Will either land or crash and burn do that’s anxiety producing.

Just remembered a conversation last night with Mrs CCB where we realised that Cheekster 1 and Cheekster 2’s birthdays are on the same day this year, despite one of them having been born on a Monday and the other on a Thursday. Was sat there like this for ages

til I realised that it was because the two cheeksters were born three years apart


Smart Probiotic.

  • Buy it
  • Don’t be daft

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Morning DiS,

Up and having coffee while mini crawls around and tries to grab at anything and everything she shouldnt so im up and down moving her, but shes making happy noises so its all good. Mr s_w is still asleep but he didnt sleep well last night so fair enough.

Having a coffee and continuing my @colon_closed_bracket inspired rewatch of Schitts Creek.

Think we might go into Hanley to the Potteries Museum today as theyre doing a load of stuff for Chinese New Year today, plus we havent visited since the Spitfire returned and was put into a new space so keen to see that.

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To be fair, the move to ITV is the main reason I haven’t watched any of the highlights this year.

I hate ITV so much.


Got a headache and slept really badly. Booze!

No plans today which is nice. Had to put the heating on though. First time this year

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Still in bed waiting for the flat to warm up a bit

I’m a week into my :herb: tolerance break and last 2 nights ive started dreaming again. Had an anxiety dream where I was at an airport and couldn’t find my gate, or get to a loo. Dreams can fuck right off frankly

Meeting my eldest for a coffee at 11:30, should get some food in and make something passable. Hopefully will get some music stuff done

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Got to get up, make some breakfast, take dog to woods, write an assembly about rain :person_shrugging: , bit of work, make some Sunday dinner and then start happy valley.

Seems like a day.

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I walk past that Spitfire pretty much every time I go to Stoke!

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Having a cuddle in bed with the dog.

Better get up and have a quick tidy as mom + dad are popping round for a bit this morning.

Dog walk this afternoon and that’s about it.

Got some oatcakes for lunch :yum:

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If you’re looking for a pro biotic, I take Bio-Kult.

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Swimming with the wee man, my mate and his wee man (not euphemisms, you filthy so and sos).

After rgat need to cram in a lunch quickly and get to the physio.

Then slowly let the dread build up. Have moved room at work so that’ll be a novelty, i spose.

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Please use the E17 song.


I don’t even know if I am, Heights have performed a marketing spell on me

Ahhh awesome! It used to be inside the museum then it went away for ages for some restoration work and they built that new extension for it and keep saying we’ll go up but haven’t made it.

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I think most of those Instagram marketed health things are mostly bullshit. Think with Heights you’re paying for the bottle too.


Morning :partly_sunny: I’m going to a yoga class this morning, the best kind of yoga class that’s more about ‘deep stretching’ which I’m hoping means not much movement, staying still and just chilling out :v: Then going to go out for a walk which usually involves some baked goods :croissant:

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Just ordered Bio-Kult :grinning: