Sunday then is it?

Alright? Going to work in a bit, got loads to do but an early finish so :man_shrugging:. Saino’s delivery coming later and that’s about it for today. What you doin’?

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Morning Funk

Gonna trim the wisteria

Morning Funky, HBT (and others to follow).

Had a shit night’s sleep - youngest daughter went sleepwalking. I woke up when my bedroom door opened. She walked in and just stood at the side of the bed staring at me, before turning around and going back to her own bed. Chilling.

Today I’m meeting my mam for a dog walk; and I’m just about to put a Caribbean curried ‘goat’ (jack fruit) in the slow cooker.


Morning funko!

Got to go steward church, then it so some work, have a nap, watch the snooker and make something excellent for dinner.

Hope work whizzes for you! X

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My brother’s authoritarian streak is out in full force and I’m totally helpless. Can’t fucking stand the way he treats me and R but I’m also too pathetic and scared to know how to stop him.

Can’t even go away anywhere.

Hey there, you! I’m not very good with emotional stuff, especially in text-only form, but I think you are an amazing person who is strong and resilient. I wish you didn’t have to be that way; that your life was just and fair and tranquil. It’s not and you still keep moving and are so kind to others even when you’re going through a tough time. It’s awesome. You’re awesome.


Silly toddler has way too much energy. Tired dad does not.


Thank you, that means a lot :heart:


Yeah, this. We’re in the “sleep roulette” phase with the 8mo at the moment - yet to have two good night’s in a row. Still a vast improvement from 2 weeks ago when we were yet to have one good night in a row.

As much as I love the whole dawning of spring thing, my toddler’s body clock is hard-wired to sunlight, so my mornings will be getting continuously early between now and the solstice. At least I’m the kind of sensible person who will manage this effectively by going to bed earlier.

(Narrator: he will not)


(hardly) Workin’.

tattie scones
walk with mum
villains vs.crisps
some rocket league maybe?
dick around on the internet for 5 hours

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


More painting

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Walk with dad, then ordered a LOAD of BBQ for dinner tonight which I am absolutely not going to be hungry enough to justify

Morning. Just smashed this out of the park

(Yes, I know there’s no sausages or black pudding)


can’t believe you can fry it all together in the one pan like that


Making a loaf of bread (half white and half wholemeal), and a butternut squash soup for lunch. Nice enough to think about a ride later, but will probably run instead.

Also giving this its third watch:

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I see they’re naming garden tools after yer mum now


Morning. Not really sure why I’m posting because nothing is happening.

If you didn’t post then even less would be happening tbf