Sunday then is it?

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I know it’s easy to say but I know if I start comparing my wage and working hours to others them I start feeling shit and what have I done with my life but equally you have a fabulous family etc and we don’t know what people have other than money…



There was a job going at Sp*tify recently which was, in practical terms, more or less exactly what I do at our org for 2.5x the money (though they wanted someone with 6years experience in the role where I’ve got 4)

Almost applied but felt a loyalty to our cause. Maybe that’s wearing off. Still don’t think they’ve filled the role yet either …


Every time it happens I think about just deleting my account.

Get money. Works shit

:grinning: so fucking annoying

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This is definitely part of it for me

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While the rest of what you say is true & wise I know exactly his life, lifestyle, family, sensibilities etc and have a hard time imagining what he needs the money for (he’s been doing very well for years now) unless he’s after sending his two boys to Harvard or something (not gonna happen)

Ah well, I’m sure the feeling will pass

Be happy for him imo. As long as he is humble about it, which you mentioned he is, you can’t fault him for the success. If he was on social media, or blowing up text messages, etc., fIaunting it that would be an entirely different story. This is just my two cents mind you.


I’m eating beef jerky and listening to Madonna.


When aren’t you!

I’m eating chocolate digestives and listening to CCR.

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CCR 5/5!

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I’m drinking the lost waking dreams of my fallen ancestors from a stone hewn chalice


The Keir Starmer story…



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Alright cece peniston

My laptop hinge is a bit fucked apparently :grimacing:

Hope I can find repairs during lockdown, uuuuggghhh