Sunday Thread (euphoria is close)

…the morning after the night before… and I have seen England will resist a driven, spirited Denmark on Wednesday and be victorious with a 2-0 win. Then England will fall behind to a 26th minute goal from Italy in the Final, the first goal they will have conceded… but we (well England) have learned, they will for the first time in decades show their mettle, they will play like a team and turn around a 2-1 victory.

… and after 18 months of real gloom for most, we will feel the win, which will mean more than football, the sun will rise and we will feel a calm like no other.

Above rambling maybe sponsored by strong coffee at work to keep me going, but hey, feel the impending joy, let it wash over…smile.


Southgate’s approval, thank you, great job with the team, keep the euphoria going. When’s the final? 7 days away?

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It’s Sunday morning and you’re slightly tired and achy from spending the previous day decorating. You come downstairs to a living room that still needs rearranging but is now crisp and white, sunlight bursting through the gap in the curtains. You remember you’ve got next week off, and that England won 4-0 last night.


This is the kind of post I’m talking about, real positive vibe, kudos. Plus top footie tie in 90’s dance gem.

I could only come up with this. Gonna squeeze another coffee in here, then I’d better get to it (working).


I’ve been up since half five because my nieces are coming over (garden) and I haven’t seen them since Christmas 2019 and I’m too excited to sleep.

Also tired.


Morning. Might go for a walk to clear the ol noggin

Enjoy it, saw my Mum last weekend for the first time in pretty much the same timeframe (since Dec 2019).


Bad / Good 90’s dance tune before the walk J ?

No thanks, bit early for that

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I’m sure my sister and brother-in-law will be there too but they’re getting a cursory offer of a cup of tea and then ignored in favour of the main attraction for the rest of the time


Sunday! I’m up and getting sorted. Going to smash out some work and then play monopoly with V.


Who’s going to cry first

  • Me (meaning you)
  • Weans

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Got a loaf of bread proving before it goes in the oven.

Plans for the rest of the day include such exciting things as going Aldi to get the shopping and going to B+Q to look at bathroom stuff.

Here’s a relevant bread making track


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning :wave:

I’m still lying in bed watching The Office (US) and listening to the rain. Feeling quite relaxed.

Going to get up in a little while for for coffee and weetabix.

Today I need to go Lidl to do some food shopping and thats about it. It’s nice to have no plans today.


Time to say goodbye to the crane in the middle of the picture. There’s a second crane to the left disassembling what has been a constant feature for the last 16 months.

Farewell my friend.


Working, cba


We. Go. Win. Foot. Ball. DiS. Time.

Definitely had three much coffee now.


Bit hungover
Off to watch dogtanian