Sunday thread featuring 🌞 **DAYLIGHT UPDATE!** 🌞

Revenge bairn was up too early again but wife let me back to bed for a nap which has spiralled and now it is nearly lunchtime. Eep.

Got physio shortly and absolutely nothing else of note on the cards. It has finally stopped with the biblical weather which is nice.

Would like to watch the cup semi but it is on some stupid channel that literally no-one has and there’s no way I’m getting to a pub to see it.

Just about to get up

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Dropped my glasses down the toilet. I will not be answering any questions, thank you for respecting my family’s privacy at this difficult time.


Upon Tyne.

Did someone move it to an island off the coast of Devon?

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I must have copied and pasted it wrong. I’ll correct it when I get home. Sorry everyone.

you’re our sunshine ccb :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Oh! That makes more sense. Love these updates.


Can’t believe this. On the free version of Spotify it only plays a track once, on subsequent presses of the play button it will just play a different song. Like ON THAT SPECIFIC SONG WHEN YOU PRESS PLAY IT WILL JUST PLAY SOMETHING ELSE

Ah the joys of the freemium gate. My mom messaged this morning because Amazon music only shuffle plays on the free tier, she’d put on Josh Groban and the next song it played was Barbara Streisand with Kermit the Frog


It is both sunny and hailing here.

We both forgot to empty the kitchen food caddy last night, so came down this morning to find the cat had raided it overnight: food all over the sink, and the floor and he’d vommed on the coffee table. Had to give him a little wash in the sink as he’d got barbecue sauce on the back of his neck. Little scamp.

I did not fall over!


Apologies everyone in Newcastle, Cardiff and Belfast - your daylight update was a bit of a shambles today. I’ve amended the OP so all should be correct, and normal service should be resumed tomorrow. :sun_with_face:


Might not get out of bed today tbh

Had a very successful rummage in the charity shops

Following on from this, watching the Lorax, brother googling who all the voices are, yeah I’m trying to watch the film thanks mate

Just imagined Nick Ferrari and Shamima Begum on a date at Salt Bae’s restaurant

Plus lunch for £30