Sunday thread for all and sundry

Doesn’t even really rhyme.

Good morning. What you up to?

Just listened to the 99% invisible podcast on border walls, which I enjoyed. Then a radio diaries one on Burmese prorests in 1988.

There’s some vegan stalls in Partick so think I might wander over but need to do a bit of work first.

Gonna make some porridge with berries and maple syrup in.

Probably watch some films whilst drinking beer very slowly this eve.


should make some music but I’ve become afraid of it again so I’m going to sit and play videogames probably

also I used to enjoy 99% PI but I gave up on them cos I found they were being a bit smug capitalist at some points

Yeah I don’t listen to them all, just the ones that sound interesting. Have turned some off. Don’t think there’s much capitalist about the border wall one but I could be wrong.

really enjoyed that live one they did with some band jamming along and creating music in the background throughout. That was a treat!

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I haven’t heard that one, may seek it out.

P.s. try make some music and then play video games when you get fed up.

I want to start playing my guitar again but a bit self-concious my flatmate will tell all my friends how bad I am at it.

Dunno what’s wrong with me but Friday night: go for a nap at 9.30pm, wake up at 8.30am Saturday morning; Saturday night: go for a nap at 8pm, wake up at 7am Sunday morning. Feel quite fresh but… 11 hours of sleep 2 nights running?? I must be so tired :confused:

Hoping to find some bangin inexpensive clothes at Bluewater today. If not at least I will get to eat loads of Lebanese food (swoon) and force Mama Pervo to listen to bangin tunes with me in the car.

Hungover, cant get out of bed. Send help.

Drank too many prosecco, elderflower and limoncello cocktails last night :worried:

Gonna blast some tunes :notes: through the booth tooth speaker :loud_sound:

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Morning all. Woke up quite early which is great after two consecutive heavy nights on the sauce. Saw a class gig last night, followed by a stint at a techno night after which I watched the Irish ‘First Dates’. Surprisingly good I must say.

Don’t know what to do today. Still not used to weekends off. Might just read the paper and do some housework.




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Just had a lovely breakfast. Now lazing before we have to leave the house. It’s another Bill Withers out there

Solid cormorant action! It’s great living near water at times. Kind of want to go for a wander down by the docks now.

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Dunno what to do today, other than apply for this internship.

Morning all!

Wor Lass is too ill to go to yoga but well enough to start packing up our living room at 9.10 this morning.

Today is going to be an ordeal.

thanks but I think I might just suck at music now

Good morning
We had friends round for dinner yesterday, was good fun. Boyfriend is out playing dungeons and dragons today (neerrrrd) so I’ll have to deal with the washing up mountain. Also going to go shopping i think