Sunday thread for the gang

Hi. I’ve been up since 3am watching TikTok vids hbu?

Morning tilty

Nothing to report here, lying in bed watching dinosaur videos.



I for some reason had an alarm set despite it being the weekend, not happy about that. Nothing to do today, feel to overwhelmed to think of some sort of activity despite knowing having something, anything to do would make things easier. Thanks brain. Thrain.

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Has Jnr seen the Storybots dinosaurs videos? (Have you, for that matter?)


We watched the first two storybots, I really liked it but she didn’t. Cant remember dinosaurs though.

Morning all

It’s Sunday and it’s raining again. Forecast is rain all day :confused: not sure what the plan is? Try to get out at some point I think. I’ve got a few bits I need to do for work but they can wait til the girls are in bed and Mrs CCB is out.

Actually slept really well so that’s something.


There’s a whole series of them :slight_smile: big fan of the velociraptors that are loosely based on the Beastie Boys.


Morning all :wave:

I found another carboot!!! I will be partaking in that shortly :blush: I hope it’s good enough to warrant being up this early on a Sunday.


Had a fantastic birthday yesterday. Threw a surprise party for the mother in laws 60th and had a house full of friends and family. Now up early watching f1 before getting the train down to London for the NFL


Things are really awful already today, going to be really fun here for the next… checks watch, 11 hours :disappointed:


I would very much welcome it if you wanted to share anything cool you found :+1:


I had to get up early to go to the airport and I’m very tired, massively internally overheating, extremely angry and on the verge of a massive weepy temper tantrum. This happened last time I had an early flight as well, but it’s not the flying, it’s the early start. I really don’t think I could ever adjust to waking up at 6am even for a big salary increase - it would break me.

I’m taking it out on my friend a bit (…a lot… her telling me how used to early starts she is is NOT HELPING) which I feel shitty about but I also find it really hard to be around a person for a whole week, it’s stressful and really drains me. #foreveralone :frowning:

Just want to shut myself in a small, cold enclosed space for half an hour to get my head in the game and then deal with airport stuff

Will do. I’m trying not to get too excited because it starts at 7:30 so I’m already half an hour late… but eeeeeee!!!

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It simply cannot be Sunday again already :pensive:

Afternoon from Sri Lanka. Just been touring the sacred city in Anuradhapura for 5 hours


Can hear a woman screaming, at first I heard her say “get out of my house” but later on she screamed “help me” among other stuff

I can’t see where it’s coming from and I have no idea what to do

If it sounds really serious call the police and let them knock on doors/ establish where it’s coming from?


Absolutely this

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Incredible place. Amazing people. Enjoy!!