Sunday thread for the gang

No, you had too much to drink yesterday

Morning. Feeling the effects of eating one and a half large kebabs for tea last night, most unpleasant. Off to work :frowning:

It really is. Having to go bare feet on blazing hot floors is hard work though :grinning:

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Yep, knew I shouldn’t have got too excited. The only thing I wanted was 15 quid and it was not worth 15 quid. Woe.

Morning all,

Been up since 7, which after yesterday’s 5am start feels like a lie in. There’s talk of a pub lunch, but that’s not definite, and there might be a trip to the library later. Otherwise, a lazy day please.

The cat seems poorly.
I got in from a gig around midnight last night and he didn’t meet me at the door like he normally does. I found him upstairs, he has hurt his front paw and us struggling to walk on it.

I took his food upstairs which he ate, and he’s not left my room since.

I didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 as he was sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to disturb him. Then he shifted and curled up at the foot of my bed where he’s been ever since.

You have a Sunday opening library? :open_mouth:


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I’m still in bed, amazed the cats aren’t scratching at the door to get fed already

Only plan is to “do” a full English - bit gonna delay that as long as possible to avoid needing lunch. Wish I’d brought some bananas yesterday though, could really go a banana right now

No other plans - might try and do my end of year apraisal to make tomorrow easier who am I fucking kidding :rofl::sob:

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Morning tilto, morning DiS

Sofa tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
Rugby :repeat_one::repeat_one:
Sofa toast :arrow_right::arrow_right:
Cuddly dog :ng::ng:
Sunday lunch :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:


'er indoors is making waffles.

Feel like I’ve got a cold coming on so I’m probably going to go back to bed after waffles and avoid opening any bathroom doors until I’m certain that everyone’s left the house.


I was surprised too - I checked after tantrums meant we didn’t make it yesterday. It’s in a fancy glass building that’s only about ten years old. For decades before that it was a brownfield site car park after the previous buildings got bombed in the Second World War.

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Leftover pizza for breakfast


Morning all!

I enjoyed the party last night and my half-arsed costume was not an entire failure. One of my mates came as Dangermouse.

I managed to leave £40 in the Morrisons self-service machine on the way out and someone handed it in for me to collect twenty minutes later. People are good, aren’t they?

We’re going for a very early carvery before driving back to Glasgow.


Good morning!

In a good mood after having a bloody lovely afternoon/evening with my family yesterday. My littlest nephew is adorable, such a sweet, happy boy, always smiling :heart:
We 5 siblings did a photoshoot in our matching t-shirts that my big sister bought us and I was crying with laughter at the chaos and cringe.
It can be stressful at times but I really appreciate how lucky I am to be part of a big, loud family :blush:

When I got out the Millionaires Shortbread we’d made, my big sister was so happy, Kenta said it was the most excited she’d been about anything since arriving in the UK :smile:

Was also really great to meet @rich-t, whose smile is just as brilliant irl! Would love to meet up again in Winchester and smash one of those massive pizzas tbh :pizza:

No plans today! :sunglasses:


Reckon we need to organise a massive meet in Winchester for table pizzas.


Love getting a steamy snapchat from the missus


I have dat. IKEA yessums?

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Fuck yeah

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“chopping board drawer”

Is it Tory to have a chopping board cupboard?!

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