Sunday Thread isn't it lad

Slept like shit, kept waking up like every hour or something with a mega dry mouth??

What did you have for dinner?


Me llamo barleysugar y vivo en Kent


This Saturday 17th - what's goin' on? - #145 by barleysugar

Being forced to go for all you can eat breakfast by the missus

Out later.

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Just hanging about til gf decides whether shes coming here or i go there

Might get up and have a bagel.

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Morning :wave:

Feel like I should have something more to do today than what I’ve got planned? Which, so far, amounts to making lunch and having to go to pick up a click and collect order (because there were no delivery slots available).

Think I’ve got a cold. Genuinely not had one since prior to getting covid in December 2020.

Hey up

No plans, got a bit of a sore throat so drinking a lot of soothing tea I expect. Maybe some ice cream.

Bit of salt on there and you’ve got yourself a dry mouth I reckon. I’m a regular mid-sleep-dry-mouth sufferer, so I can sympathise.

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Got to go into town for my pre holiday pamper - nails, brows and lash tint.

Will treat myself to something nice for lunch :drooling_face:


Morning all!

Wor Lass is taking The Child to see her cousins in a bit. She’s preparing one of our signature low-effort meals (sausagey potatoes) to take round to her brother’s.

I’m making a roast beef for tea and will need to pop to the shops for carrots at some point.

Outside of that, I’m playing computer games all day.


Had a slight lie-in which is appreciated. Sleep has been all over the place. Having breakfast with my family later. Can see cheese and ham, so assuming a croque or 2.



Kid still poorly, so slept awfully again. Still feel like a bag of spanners. Marmite toast for breakfast. Now torn between getting the dog out and waiting for the Fortnite update to drop.

Mrs S and the eldest are off to the women’s footie later, and i think the evening plan incudes breakfast for dinner - got the makings of a full fry.

Should really try to get out of the house with the bairns today cause everywhere is gonna be closed tomorrow and two days cooped up together is not a great idea.

Morning Sunday :partly_sunny: Baby is napping on me in the sling after I belted out some classic lullabies from Beach Boys and Shania Twain. I’m eating a posh cake from @Unlucky and drinking a coffee :coffee: nice Sunday morning vibes really.


I think I fancy my friend’s (straight :upside_down_face:) friend a little bit :upside_down_face:


Look at Laurel and Hardy here, in 1956

(watched Stan and Ollie last night)