SUNDAY Thread (look around)

GET OUT OF BED! oh, just me then. Got soaked, got dried, got coffee, got shed loads of work but will flit in here when possible. Have a dry a Sunday as you can.


Absolutely no chance of a bike ride today.
Sit at home again.

Morning all :wave:

Got a bit of a food-over this morning - made this last night (chicken shawarma pie and gunpowder potatoes) and ate much more of it (plus pudding) than I’d intended:

Today we’re heading out for a walk and a picnic, going bowling (!) this afternoon, and then out for dinner with the cheeksters later.


Cool, monsoon season is it.

Need to head into town later so will have do the bus rather than walk, grim, I hate the bus.

Happy holidays!!

We’re going to the Air raid shelter place @scout and then ??

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Morning all!

It’s not currently raining here but I’m sure it will be.

Very few plans at all today but I need to buy some groceries and I’m doing lamb for tea.

Ooooft, that pie looks amazing :+1:


Have a look at the old cinema, the Plaza, very nice building, though it doesn’t look like anything is on today.

I was going to say go to yellowhammer bakery but it would seem it doesn’t open until 25th.

I’m rubbish with indoor tips, curse this rain!

(Mqybe the produce hall for lunch then look around the cool vintage shops, there’s a good homewares one in the old town by the markets)

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It was pretty good, not gonna lie! (Took getting on towards two hours to prepare though)


Anything worth doing is worth doing right :+1:


Oooh vintage shops!! Thank you :heart_eyes:

I think this is the one I like but there’s also a good stall in the market hall I think

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Is that all in Dishoom?

The potatoes are from Dishoom and the pie is from Falastin (which the sister cookbook to Jerusalem)

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Was in bed by 10 last night, had a nice big sleep

Had plans to try my 1st proper bike ride post Covid today but the weather app suggests an endless soaking the second I leave the flat (it seems fine out the window of a little breezy)

Anyway my strong self preservation instinct means that I will not be risking it. I’ll maybe try a yoga at some point instead

Deff gonna do music . Deff gonna watch the last episode of the Leftovers. And I really should clean the kitchen floor or something

Had a dream about George Galloway, so I’m glad to be awake



My day will involve yet more decorating :paintbrush: :hammer:

Now you say this I remember I had a dream that I’d somehow gone back to 1987 and Napalm Death were revealing their debut album artwork but with no writing or credits on. This was in the front window of Rackhams in Corporation Street, Birmingham and the 1987 line up were heavily disguised but I could tell it was them. There was a large gathering looking in the window all gasping at the artwork and it had a feel similar to Saw V (or the Saw later movie that starts with a shop window scene). Odd.


Going to see Kathryn Joseph play music in Edinburgh.


Taking Jackson for a walk, might go to the wind farm. :thinking:
Not much planned apart from that.