Sunday Thread ☀

Hi everyone. How are you?

I’m going for a swim and then i’m working all afternoon. Harumpf.


Salmon and scrambled eggs and toast and coffee for breakfast.

Going to do some admin things and grocery shopping this morning and then hopefully play Blood and Wine while the child sleeps and Wor Lass makes steak pie.

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Lazing around then off to eat cheese and drink wine
:cheese: + :wine_glass: = :100:



About to go and get the kids, then don’t really know. Need to finish their homework and will probably end up at the park for a bit.

morning all

fathers day so i’m going to visit my mum. obviously. first some :coffee:

edit: no sun here it’s just going to be MUGGY

Completely forgot about father’s day. Oops.

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Hello :wave:

I’m good thanks, drinking a very sexy cup of tea. I’m not doing much today, the bf is off to see his pa, mine lives too far away to pop along so I will give him a phone instead. He won’t know it’s Father’s Day because he absolutely doesn’t give two fluffy ducks about that stuff :heart: I miss him muchly. Gig later on.





Morning all, happy :sunny:day

Driving up to Liverpool in a bit for work tomorrow. In three different hotels over the next week so hoping they all have excellent air con.

Depending on how I feel later I may go to see Wonder Woman.

Morning. Spending most of the day indoors as I’m playing football later and I spent the best part of nine hours outside watching hockey yesterday.

I think I’m going to research desktop PCs and see about ordering a new one, finally.

How’d you find yesterday? It was SO HOT.

I treated myself a new stick from the clearance bin in the shop yesterday. Half price, bargain.

Morning all. Proper hot again in Cork today, delighted about that.

Have a load of writing to do so will go for a walk and then come back and do that. Will want to watch the football at some stage too.

You buy the Fortean times??? :heart_eyes:

@unlucky how did the date go last night?


What would you rate a snickers(aka marathon) as (1=crap, 10=great)

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Had a nice time watching bands play in a skate park last night, even though I don’t understand skate boarding.

So so hot - not sure how I didn’t get burned although I made sure I had plenty of sun cream on. Missed the first game, second game was awful - Canada just had nothing at all, England game was good entertainment and then I though Scotland put in a pretty good effort against the Dutch. Was tempted to buy a stick as well but couldn’t be bothered carrying it back on the tube.

Highlight was probably coming out of Leyton tube station just as all the trooping the colour planes flew over. Properly put traffic at a complete standstill.

It’s amazing in this weather how quickly you can go from ‘Might lay off the beer today’ to ‘Is it too early for a beer?’.


About to head off to St Andrews. Probably do all three beaches. Yeeeeeeah!

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Saw an empty beer bottle in our kitchen and thought “Are there any more of those?” Dangerous thoughts to be having at ten in the morning.