Sunday thread (take it Easy)

I dont think they have a Spidey census because the whole who’s Spiderman thing wouldnt be a good plot as the President of the Marvel Universe could just go ‘get me the spidey census records’


Just loads of entries with the name as Spiderman, and the location ‘Wherever I’m needed’

Occupation - Spiderman
Average earnings - Respec


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Got too full of tacos yesterday so didnt make my sheep’s pie, so making it today. (Also, thought it could be Tenement Flat Pie instead of Cottage pie)

Got some bread dough almost ready to go.

Might also might make a blueberry loaf.

Got tomorrow off and thinking of doing a bit of a spring clean.

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Im using a sweet/normal potato mash hybrid so need to think of orangey animal to atop mine. Goldfish?


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Pleasantly sunny morning here.

Will take the doggo for a trot once I’ve had my cup of tea.
Might try a short bike ride, just a couple of laps of the reservoir, to test how I’m feeling after giving blood on Friday.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Some cunt put a copy of the Epoch Times through our door as I was putting the rubbish out but I didn’t get there quickly enough to shout at them to fuck off with their far right propaganda.

Also my face feels like someone was rooting about in it with a pair of pliers.

Nice day today. Going to have a sit outside for a bit before the Old Firm.

not long back from the shops, pure peach of a day out. gonna watch the football at midday and then maybe go for a walk somewhere and get some sun, :sun_with_face: :+1:


there are only 12 hours a week you can post this


The batter for this :yum:

Never done a census in my life

I only realised today I lost my census letter and possibly binned it by mistake :grimacing: I’ve applied for a paper form and fingers crossed it will get there as my address is hardly the most complex, but I’m not going to get a knock on the door from the feds am I? Am I? :grimacing:

Think I’m going to eat beans on toast while listening to Crunch and Crumble


! Not to worry, just did mine online, on my phone, half asleep in bed.

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I might get thrown in jail anyway for stating one of my identities as English